Real estate transfers

The following real estate transactions were recorded in Jefferson County:

John and Marylie Paulowski to Gregory Paulowski, lots 197 and 199, Manhattan.

Ave Perrino and Michael Carr to Gregory Paulowski, lots 197 and 199, Manhattan.

Paul and Shirley Buffone to Shawn Porreca, lot 153, Buena Vista Heights.

Clarence and Kathleen Anderson Jr. to Scott and Kathy Perine, lot 74, Original Salem (survivorship).

Peter Vujanovich (deceased) to Rhea Vujanovich, metes, Island Creek Township.

Michelina Sellaroli (deceased) to John Sellaroli and others, lot 76, John Spahn’s First.

Mary Sierawski, trustee, to Chad Dawson, lot 70, Overlook Hills.

Paul Renzelli to Mario and Elaine Renzelli, lot 123, Buena Vista Heights (survivorship).

US Bank to Jonathen and Kathleen Anderson, lots 66-67, Crestview Manor No. 3; and metes, Cross Creek Township.

Valentino and Deborah Jackson to William Burns, 0.434 acre, Steubenville Township.

Rick and Michelle DiFederico to George Crim II, lot 66, Hillcrest.

Mieko Acconcia to Michael and Gretchen DiCarlo, lot 158, Country Club Estates (survivorship).

David Curran (deceased) to Debra Curran, 1.263 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Debra Curran to Donald and Nancy Grim II, 1.263 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Michelle Tipton and Christ DeSander to Brittany Tipton and Adam Stephens, lot 3, Crestview Manor (survivorship).

William and Jodi Welsh to 208 Stewart Street Properties, lot 9 and part lot 11, Banfield; and lots 32, 37 and 41, Carnegie Court.

James Rice Sr. to James and Cindy Rice Jr., lot 38, Belvedere (survivorship).

James and Cindy Rice Jr. to James Rice Sr., 0.474 acre, Wayne Township.

Auditor of Jefferson County to Jefferson County Land Reuitilization Corp., 1,200 square feet, Springfield Township; 0.32 acre, Steubenville Township; part lot 48 and 52-54, Original Brilliant.

Chad and Brandy Vandeborne to Christina Rine, lot 17, Scenic Heights.

Sam Maffett (deceased) to Joyce Maffett, lots 15-17 and part lot 17, Findley Gardens.

Anderson Simon (deceased) to Hazel Simon, part outlot 16, Original Steubenville; metes, Steubenville Township.

Barbara and William Morris to Rachel Blankenship, lot 21, Benjamin Smith Subdivision.