Real estate transfers

The following real estate transactions were recorded in Jefferson County:

Jesse Bonar (deceased) to Judy Bonar, lot 45, Charlestown.

Midfirst Bank to EL Concept LLC, lot 36, Gerkes Addition.

Steven and Jan Thorn to Jeffrey and Lisa Lyons, tract 42, Lake Park.

Ronald Murphy to James Rossi, part lot 202, Ross Park Realty.

John and Mary Jane Carson to Jeffrey and Christina Kemmer, lot 147, Bergholz (survivorship).

Audrey Dewess (deceased) to Donald Dewess, metes, Island Creek Township.

Michael Mills to Donald and Christina Dewess, metes, Island Creek Township (survivorship).

Shelli Lazalde to Nathan Robinson, part lot 129, Labelle View Land Co.

Kerwin Kalp to Thomas and Janet Householder, 3.148 acres, Brush Creek Township.

Joyce Spicer to Darren and Macry Koplen, metes, Knox Township.

Brenda and Phillip Hairston to Scott Poole, lot 307, Buena Vista Heights.

Benjamin Clark to Barbara Clark, metes, Steubenville Township.

Rodney and Darcy Henry to Kevan Brown, 0.49 acre, Island Creek Township.

Heather Brown to Brian Brown, lot 78, Brentwood Estates Second.

Mortgage Equity Conversion Asset Trust to Bank of America, part lot 7 and lot 8, Dorrance.

Donald and Ida Wake to Scot and Hilda Scardina, 1.005463 acres, Salem Township.

Daniel and Carol Yaich to Jason Hendricks, 0.798 acre, Cross Creek Township.

William Howcroft (deceased) to Elizabeth Howcroft, lot 3, Banfield Improvement.

Marie Wanchic to Christopher and Tracey Leonard, part lot 153, Saltsman’s Seventh (survivorship).

Helen Mathes (deceased) to John Mathes, lot 112, Overlook Hills.

John Mathes (deceased) to Terri Donalto, lot 112, Overlook Hills.

Derinda Crawford, trustee, to James Ludewig, part lot 80, Original Steubenville.

Mary Anna Davidson (deceased) to Nicholas Davidson, 10.266 acres, Island Creek Township.

Jefferson County Lane Reutilization Corp. to Carl Johnson Jr., lot 5, Southerland’s First.

Ngoc Le to Truong Nguyen, lot 8, Breezewood Manor Phase II.

Shirley Lanaghan to Keith and Darlene McCleary, lot 16, Scenic Heights (survivorship).

Nancy Eisanaugle to Bryon Carlson, lot 21, McCauslen’s.

James and Linda Taylor to Michael and Courtney Hager, lot 29 and part lot 30, Green Valley Estates No. 2 (survivorship).

Okey and Sondra Nestor Sr. to Frank and Brittney Klinger, 5 acres, Salem Township (survivorship).

Victoria Deleonardis to Anthony Augustine, lot 23, Fernwood Estates No. 2.

Catherine Greenlee to James and Norma Ryan, lot 20, Sunny Acres; and 3,700 square feet, Cross Creek Township.

Joseph and Judi Decesare to Bruce and Faith Hall, lot 1, Speaker’s Estates (survivorship).

Scott and Rebecca Campbell to LMHR LLC, lot 11 and part lot 1, Cunningham Place.

Christine Warren to Charles and Christine Warren, lot 32, Brentwood Estates (survivorship).

Eileen Dugan and others to Paul Voltz, part lot 45, Jefferson Saltsmans Third.

Mary Schmied (deceased) to Shirley Lanagan, lot 6, Parkdale.

Daniel and Diane Baker to James Wise Jr., 1.178 acres, Island Creek Township.

Barbara Mosblack (deceased) to Daniel Mosblack, lot 54, Butte Hills Hollywood.

Laurette Smoljanovich to Laurette and John Smoljanovich, lot 34, Dixon Heights (survivorship).

Kathleen McDannels (deceased) to Thomas McDannels and others, 50.185 acres, Salem Township.

Anne Sugar to Rodney and Darcy Henry, 0.47 acre, Island Creek Township (survivorship).

Robert and Cynthia Sagrilla to Geno Morelli & Sons Inc., 98.5566 acres, Smithfield Township.

Sagrilla O&G Trust to Geno Morelli & Sons Inc., 98.556 acres, Smithfield Township.

Sandra Devore (deceased) to Donald Devore, 0.377 acre, Springfield Township; and metes, Salem Township.

Rene and Elmer Spires to Duane Arney, 14.787 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Robert Owen to Bo Hardman, lot 65, Steubenville Pottery Co. First.

Joseph Aulet and others to Christine Bardelline, lot 15, Swickard’s Third.