Real Estate Transfers

The following real estate transactions were recorded in Jefferson County:

Craig and Felicia Corabi to Brea and Chad Hosenfeld, lot 2, Samuel Bailie’s Subdivision (survivorship).

Stanley Rawson to Sandra Rawson, lot 35, Dana Lynn.

Nicholas Mancuso to Nicholas Jasko III, lots 70-73, Walker’s Second.

Ryan and Kelli Cornelius to Cynthia Smearman, lot 114, Riverview Terrace.

Petrella Enterprises LLC to HB MAX Industries LLC, lot 40, Manhattan.

Eric and Belinda Anderson to Clay Forrester and Emily Nelson, 5.2 acres, Island Creek Township (survivorship).

Christopher and Mary Ice to Thomas Costello and others, 5.436 acres, Island Creek Township (survivorship).

Mary Lewis and others to Shane and Rachel Lewis, lot 14, Banfield Improvement (survivorship).

Karl and Shirley Myers to C. William Industries Limited, lot 76, Lincoln Heights.

Charles and Rebecca Boyer Jr. to Robert Huggins, 2.288 acres, Island Creek Township.

Dana Beckett and others to Thad Mullins, metes, Smithfield Township.

Daniel and Susan Dimmick to Christopher and Belinda Norton, lot 8 and part lot 9, Walkers Addition (survivorship).

Jocelyn Waldman to Houie Sipes and Kathy Newburn, 0.892 acre, Wayne Township (survivorship).

Housing & Urban Development to Hughes Development Co. LLC, part lots 54-55, Lincoln Heights Development Co.

Joseph Treglia to Mark and Tina Treglia, 0.1037 acre, Steubenville Township (survivorship).

Deutsche Bank to HB MAZ LLC, lot 138, Buena Vista Heights.

Fred Halm (deceased) to Patricia Halm, metes, Island Creek Township; and lots 9-10, Robert Clark’s First.

Ruth Banks (deceased) to Jerry Banks Sr., lot 91, Ross Park Realty.

Betty Bednarek to Carolyn Devore, lot 1, Circle Park Eastview.

Sheila Ziarko to Alexis Pace, lot 132, Manhattan.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Kimberly and Etta Pyle, lot 5, Jefferson Heights Second.

Timothy and Tammy McCoy to Kathryn and Gregory Grant, tracts 22-23, Lake Park.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Wilmington Savings Fund Society, metes, Cross Creek Township.

Jean Munk (deceased) to Martha Emley, Unit 4306, Steeple Chase.

Van Fossen Farm LLC to Dennis and Dalra Van Fossen, 2.101 acres, Island Creek Township.

Lawrence and Marjorie Swiger Sr. to Lawrence Swiger Jr., metes, Warren Township.

Fred Silvestri (deceased) to Elda Silvestri, metes, Wells-Warren Township.

Thomas Garan Sr. (deceased) to Thomas Garan Jr. and others, 103 acres, Mount Pleasant Township.

PFR&S Rentals to Andrew Pelegreen III, 0.27 acre, Wayne Township.

Paul and Myra Montano to Morgan Starr and Mary Lewis, lot 107, Saltsman Fourth.

Wildun Land Management LLC to Daniel and Christine Howell, 1.0048 acres, Saline Township (survivorship).