Stephanie’s Auctions opens in Cadiz

CADIZ — A new business in the Cadiz area is bringing a variety of goods to Harrison County residents — if they place the winning bid.

Stephanie’s Auctions is open on Cadiz-Dennison Road in the building formerly occupied by Coultrap Supermarket. Owner Stephanie Bebout said she was looking to expand her auction house from her home base in Canton, and after touring the old Coultrap building, she decided it was perfect for her purposes.

“We wanted to open up to a different crowd,” Bebout said. “We walked in, I said, ‘This place is ideal.’ We wanted to bring a little life back to this building.”

Bebout turned the old building into an auction house, selling residents a variety of goods. Stephanie’s Auctions handles appliances, household decorations, children’s toys, outdoors gear and more.

Bebout said she prefers to sell items by themselves, rather than in boxed lots so that customers have the choice to only bid on what they really want, rather than on a box with only one or two items they intend to buy inside.

Guests can eat too, as Sandwiches by Patricia, a food stand located outside the building, is available for patrons, and Bebout even has a babysitter to keep an eye on her own grandchildren, as well as the children of customers during the auctions.

Bebout began her life as an auctioneer several years ago, moving from doing online auctions to getting her license for live auctions. She spent one year in apprenticeship to a senior auctioneer named Bill Alge, an auctioneer in Canton who Bebout said was a father figure to her. After completing her apprenticeship, Bebout opened Stephanie’s Auction in Canton in 2015. After finding success there, Bebout decided to broaden the horizons of her business, finding the location near Cadiz.

“I like the socialization and the people,” Bebout said of being an auctioneer. “I like just being out there and hoping people find good deals.”

Bebout holds auctions every Friday at her location. The doors of the auction house open at 5 p.m., with auctions starting at 6 p.m. Bebout said she opens the doors a little early to give patrons a chance to explore and get a feeling for what they might like to bid on. Bebout said after a customer wins an item, her helpers bring the item to the winner so they can store it in their car or leave as they choose.

She said the business has been welcomed to the area so far, including from loyal customers from Canton who have followed them, as well as local residents.

Stephanie’s Auctions is located at 37840 Cadiz-Dennison Road.

Bebout also takes items for consignment from 2 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. every Tuesday. Bebout encourages customers to come out and see what the business has to offer. For information, call (330) 327-1140 or visit the Stephanie’s Auctions Facebook page.