Property Transfers

The following real estate transactions were recorded in Jefferson County:

Timothy Granatir, trustee, to Park Properties of Ohio LLC, lot 10, Clarence Davis Trustee Plan.

Charlene Bado (deceased) to Darlene Bado and John Bado Jr., metes, Wells-Warren Township.

Debra and Michael Corazzelli Jr. to Charles and Flora Shoe Jr., lots 23-24, Rosemont proposed (survivorshhip).

U.S. Bank to Housing & Urban Development, 0.253 acre, Steubenville Township.

Robert Chuich and others to Robert and Janice Dailey Jr., 0.6 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Patti Takach to Albert Takach, 1.3886 acres, Warren Township.

Patti Takach to Albert and Christine Takach, 0.1969 acre and 3.8054 acres, Warren Township.

Raymond and Jessica Cooper to Raymond and Sarah Cooper, lots 31-32, Rosemont proposed (survivorshhip).

Marla Wickham to Rodney and Heather Gray, 5.00974 acres, Salem Township (survivorshhip).

John and Rita Riley Jr. to Jennifer Halm, 1.0027 acres, Island Creek Township.

Thomas Ryan (deceased) to Kathleen DiGregory, lot 6, Alexander Manor.

Marjorie Koslik (deceased) to Daniel Koslik, lot 284, Dixon Heights No. 2.

Joseph and Christine Wilson Jr. to Jon Snyder, lot 32, Buena Vista Heights; lot 2 and 171, Becker Highlands; lot 2, John Spahn’s Third; and lot 269, Manhattan.

Charles Stingle (deceased) to Dorothy Stingle, 105.52 acres, Smithfield Township.

James Reeves (deceased) to Renae Reeves, part lot 118, Labelle.

John Dilorenzo (deceased) to Cherepko Billboard Property LLC, part lot 1, McConnell’s proposed.

Stacy Notestine and Mark Jarrell to Cherepko Billboard Property LLC, part lot 1, McConnell’s proposed.

Kyle Bliss to Kenneth Swickard, lot 22, John Spahn’s Second.

Vincent and Tonia Tweedy to Joshua and Rebecca Carroll, 3.504 acres, Wells-Warren Township (survivorshhip).

Bruce Misselwitz (deceased) to Anna Misselwitz, metes, Island Creek Township.

Stefano Desimone (deceased) to Bridget Desimone, metes, Ross Township.

George Mullen (deceased) to Nancy Mullen, lots 22-23, Brady Estates No. 1.

Dawn Zullo (deceased) to Pamela Shea, lot 140, Marie Dale.

Carol Grimes (deceased) to Robert Grimes and others, tract 16, Lake Park.

Ethel Potkoski (deceased) to James Potkoski, 7.35 acres, Smithfield Township.

Christopher and Gena Taylor to Kody Grimes, lot 90, Altamont.

Cale and Mary Kirk to Patricia Gula, 2.863 acres, Salem Township.

JD Homes Management LLC to Frank Leroy, lot 69, Longvue.

Christine and Lawrence Sterling to Mercedes Parr, lot 39, Highland View.

William Pryor (deceased) to Catherine Sutherin, lot 14, McCauslen Subdivision.

R. Douglas Owen to Alicia and Justin Myslinsky, 0.176 acre, Island Creek Township (survivorshhip).

Ohio Valley Cremation Services LLC to Dawn Barath, 0.9603 acre, Smithfield Township.

Robert and Margery Moran to Robert Moran, metes, Island Creek Township.

Mary Signorini (deceased) to Marian and S. Tyler McCullough, lot 43, Highland City.

Marlene Smith (deceased) to Brett Smith, lot 9, Brentwood Estates.

David and Clarke to David and Sara Mathews, 1.394 acres, Cross Creek Township (survivorshhip).

Jerry Banks Sr. to Dwayne Woody, lot 91, Ross Park Realty.

Gerald Hickey (deceased) to Virginia Hickey, metes, Steubenville Township.

Alan Stevens to Judith Seagrave, metes, Smithfield Township.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Federal National Mortgage Association, lots 44-45, Forest View.

Sandra Holsinger to Zachary McGrath, 1.073 acres, Knox Township.

Harrisville Preperative Meeting to Wayne Kirk, 1.495 acres, Mount Pleasant Township.

David Stacy to D. Mark Stacy, lots 39 and 92, Hollywood.

Erik and Angalena Takach to Jefferson County Land Reuitilization Corp., part lot 11, Original Smithfield.

Wilbert Ferguson (deceased) to Beatrice Billham and others, 6,800 square feet, Cross Creek Township.

Auditor of Jefferson County to Diocese of Steubenville, part lot 36 and part lots 37-38, Ross Second.

Gilbert and Barbara Thermes to Pinnacle Properties of Ohio Limited, .341 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Ettor and Theresa Canestraro Sr. to Katherine Vincent, 1.4331 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Laure and Richard Rawson to Doug F LLC, lot 183, Hesses Addition.

Scott Recht and others to Colonial Arms Apartments LLC, 3 acres, Cross Creek Township; and ot 91, Dixon Heights.

Scott Recht and others to 770 Brady LLC, lot 3 and part lots 1-2, Simmons & Foster.


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