Real estate transactions

The following real estate transactions were recorded in Jefferson County:

Audrey Minch to Stanley Minch, metes, Steubenville Township.

Self Help Ventures to Edward Featheringham, lot 95, Bergholz.

North Fourth & Main LLC to Reena and Risha Vijay, part lots 1-4, Robertson’s First Addition.

Louis Berkman Realty Co. to Mount Nebo Investments LLC, metes, Island Creek Township.

Karen Steigerwald to Joseph Nicholson, 4,747.36 square feet, Steubenville Township.

James Gaudio (deceased) to Antonio Gaudio and Gina Zelek, lots 17-18, Bartock Subdivision.

Richelle and Joshua Carpenter to Deborah Fell, lot 167, Walton Acres No. 3.

Ohio State Legal Services Association to Cheyene Realty LLC, lot 101, Original Steubenville.

Fannie Mae to Peter and Tracy Gulczynski, part lot 34, Robert Clark’s First (survivorship).

Christine Sommers to James Rine, lots 30-31, Stuart Manor.

Adam and Annette Canella to D&L Ohio Rentals LLC, metes, Cross Creek Township; and lots 23 and 31-36, Original Wintersville.

Virginia Kovall (deceased) to Anna Quattrone, lot 154, Manhattan.

Gwynne Griesinger (deceased) to John Griesinger, part lots 7 and 9 and lot 8, Salmon & Mooney’s.

Lawrence Meagher (deceased) to Thomas and Diane Graham, lot 20, Oak Crest (survivorship).

Samuel Shorac Jr. to Sanford DiFabbio, lot 35, Parr’s Second.

Castlerock 2017 LLC to Todd Zimish, part lot 192, Pleasant Heights Poplar Springs.

Leslie Johnson and others to Taylor Johnson, metes, Cross Creek Township.

Barbara and Robert Baldwin to Theodore and Anna Harwood, 0.1033 acre, Steubenville Township (survivorship).

Gail Oliphant, trustee, to Cyddan LLC Series 1, 0.165 acre, Island Creek Township.

MB Financial Bank to Taylor Keenan, lot 89, Longvue.

Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Princeton Commercial & Holdings LLC, lot 4, Morgan & Hunters Fourth.

Carolyn Elliott to Roma Grose, lot 106, Westwood Estates.

Keybank National Association to Shahrokh Parhizgar, metes, Springfield Township.

Landau Minto to Landau Minto and Kris Crew, 1.6 acres, Cross Creek Township (survivorship).

Dawn Zullo to Corey Gadson, part lot 41, Labelle View.

Auditor of Jefferson County to Joan Workman, part lots 9-10, Steubenville Coal and Mining; part lots 10-11, Henrietta Mears Addition; part lot 1, Poplar Springs; lot 11 and part lot 10, Steubenville Coal and Mining; and lot 3, James Nicholson’s Addition.

Auditor of Jefferson County to Petros Investments LLC, part lot 18, Grandview; lot 138, Labelle View; lot 2, Pleasant Heights; and metes, Cross Creek Township.

William and Michelle Schaefer to JMC Development LLC, lot 16, Brady Estates Plan 1.

George and Vonna Timcho to Tye Wachter, lot 12, McKee Heights.

Mary Kendjorsky (deceased) to Carol Lovrak and others, 7,800 square feet, Warren Township.

Denise Sempirek to Denise and Joseph Sempirek, 5,000 square feet, Smithfield Township (survivorship).

DiRauso Properties LLC to Alycia and Joshua Gates, part lot 42, Robert Clark First (survivorship).

George Helt to Harry Freese, part lot 34, Original Mount Pleasant.