Real estate transfers

The following real estate transactions were recorded in Jefferson County:

Virginia Snider (deceased) to Michael Styer, lot 10 and part lot 11, Banfield Improvement Co. unrecorded.

Michael Styer, trustee, to Krystal Fluharty, lot 10 and part lot 11, Banfield Improvement Co. unrecorded.

Tony and Stacie Poch to David Grant, 0.0956 acre, Warren Township.

Danielle Tarr to Colleen Holskey, metes, Wells-Warren Township; and metes, Wells Township.

Ellyn Barry to Tammee McIntyre, metes, Springfield Township.

Lawrence Gongaware (deceased) to Susan and Bruce Conaway, lots 55-57, Marie Dale proposed.

Geraldine Maggar to Harold Fankhauser, 0.426 acre, Springfield Township.

Larry and Barbara Deluca Sr. to Andrea Jenkins, 0.173 acre, Warren Township.

Jason and Angela Mencer to Scott Kelley, 0.042 acre, Island Creek Township.

Kimberly and Joseph Nemitt to Matthew Polverni, 0.39 acre, Knox Township.

Timothy Granatir, trustee, to William Tokarczyk, lot 593, Labelleview Land Co.

Melvin Burrier (deceased) to Linda Burrier, lots 61-62, Henry’s Second.

Linda Burrier to Gilmore and Jennifer Burrier, lots 61-62, Henry’s Second.

Jan and Karen Thornton to Brad Valentine and Brandy Martin, part lot 12, Orr’s Addition (survivorship).

Mikah Grubb to Margery Grant, metes, Steubenville Township.

Jacob and Beth Carlson to Mark Materniak, lot 185, Manhattan.

Douglas and Lisa Snodgrass Jr. to Samantha and Thomas Vincent, lot 14, Joshua Moore (survivorship).

Patricia and Kenneth Nelms to David and Kelly Monigold, 2.1756 acres, Cross Creek Township (survivorship).

Colleen Devore to Thomas and Laura Schaal, metes, Wayne Township.

Ann Clark to Evan Dylewski, 0.169 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Daniel Pizzoferrato Sr. (deceased) to Danyal Pizzoferrato, lots 17-18, Askowitz Subdivision.

Daniel Pizzoferrato Sr. (deceased) to Debbie Calhoun, lots 8-9, Askowitz Subdivision.

Charlotte Tingler (deceased) to Stephen Houchin, part lots 14-15, Pleasant Heights Improvement.

John and Sandra Slates to John Slates and others, 1.926 acres, Island Creek Township (survivorship).

Ross Monaco Jr. to David Monaco, lot 4, Parr’s proposed.

Linda Nocera and others to John Boni, lot 581, Labelleview.

Anita McCain to Kevin McCain, 3.8943 acres, Wells-Warren Township.

Mary Smith to Shawn Smith, 2.39 acres, Island Creek Township.

James and Joyce Ann Merkel to Douglas and Peggy Dugan, lot 36, Original Tiltonsville (survivorship).

Virginia Stauring to Matthew Desany, lot 26, Ross Park.

Louis and Rebecca DeChristopher to John and Rita Riley, 0.576 acre, Knox Township (survivorship).

Christie Crawford and J. Todd Crawford II to Helen Smith, part lot 28 and lots 30 and 32, DW Davidson Subdivision.

Walter and Wilma Byron to Ettore Scassa, part outlot 17, East Springfield.

Robert and Terri Kirkpatrick to Thomas Smith, 0.394 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Clarence Whisman II (deceased) to Carol Whisman, lot 13, Ridgeland Subdivision.

David Bertolino (deceased) to Debra Bertolino, 5.38 acres, Mount Pleasant Township (survivorship).

Frankie Myles to Brian and Wendy Lesnansky, lot 24, Austin Development No. 1.

USE Construction LLC to Ohio Motor Group Properties LLC, part lot 29, Stokely’s Second.

TNCC LLC to Jefferson Belmont Regional Solid Waste Authority, 3.855 acres, Island Creek Township.