Real estate transfers

The following real estate transactions were filed in Jefferson County:

1437 Oregon Avenue Land Trust to CAL Rentals LLC, lot 223, Labelleview.

Jesse Light to Harold Fyock, lot 8, Linduff Estates.

Joseph and Rose Valerio Sr. to Cassandra Valerio, 0.891 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Glenn Snyder Sr. (deceased) to James Rice, lot 10, West Park Subdivision.

Heron Kuhn to Sisters of Reparation Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, metes, Cross Creek Township.

Denise McIntosh and others to Judith Terry and Bridget Lease, lots 1-2, Morgan & Hunter Fifth (survivorship).

Harry Foley to Kyle and Lois Moffat, 0.037 acre, Steubenville Township (survivorship).

Rebecca and Richard Roush to Daniel Evans, 1.57 acres, Wells-Warren Township.

Sheila Gilliam to Evelyn Gilliam, part lot 1, Wilson Addition.

Helen Madigan (deceased) to Michael Madigan, lot 88, Lincoln Terrace.

First Choice America Commercial Federal Credit Union to Douglas and Coleen Wickham, lot 30, Lake Park (survivorship).

US Bank to Yorkville Investments LLC, 0.138 acre, Warren Township.

Gladys and Michael Horsky to Harry Carpenter Jr., lots 104-105, Grandview Heights.

Pete and Marie Ferrise to Marie Ferrise, part lot 3, Pleasant Heights.

Regina Windon to Ohio American Energy Inc., 2 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Bryan Mills and others to Andrew and Harreit Hrezo, lot 2, Brady Estates No. 3 (survivorship).

165 Rhodes Street Land Trust to CAL Rentals LLC, lot 6, Watson & Thomasson Second; and 0.0357 acre, Mount Pleasant Township.

Kami Abdalla to Fredercik Abdalla Jr., lot 9, Vantilburg Addition.

Bank of New York to Daneil Molesky, lot 24, McConnell’s.

David Molesky to David Molesky and Jeffrey Molesky, lot 24, McConnell’s.

Carrie and Tyler Benzel to Chalisa Cook, part lots 3-4, South Park.

Mary Beebe to Charles Keenan, metes, Ross Township.

HSBC Mortgage Services Inc. to Dalton Wood, lot 110, Sunset Gardens No. 2.

Ronald Martin and others to Jason Zoellick, 0.140 acre, Springfield Township.

Aloysius Furka (deceased) to Robert Furka and others, lot 5, St. John Heights.

Arden Kellar (deceased) to Janet Fuson and others, lot 8, Langfitt’s.

Henry Vandeborne (deceased) to Henry F. Vandeborne and others, 1.17 acres, Wayne Township.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Antonio Magnone, part lots 9-10, Linduff.

Eugene Garay to Primo DiCarlo and Robert Strobel, 1.032 acres, Cross Creek Township; and lots 36-38 and part lots 13, 28-29, Brady Estates.

Eugene Garay to Primo DiCarlo, part lots 274-275, Carroll & Kells Addition.

Primo DiCarlo and others to Tina Garay, lot 60 and part lots 61-62, Beall & Steel.

HSBC Bank to Housing & Urban Development, lot 8, Green’s Second.

Robert and Lisa Goodrich to Tina Knowlton, lot 19, Belmont Heights.

United Midwest Savings Bank to Dwight and Mildred Felton, lot 1, Monroeville; and 0.33 acre, Brush Creek Township (survivorship).

John and Chrstina Goosman to Everett and Amy Rusnak Jr., lots 18-20 and part lots 21, Dalton Addition (survivorship).