Eastern Gateway offers new energy certificate programs

STEUBENVILLE – Eastern Gateway Community College is offering three new certificate programs to prepare students for jobs in the oil and gas industry.

The college’s new natural gas and oil technology certificate and oil and gas industry operation and maintenance technician certificate – both short-term programs for industry workers – provide students with basic occupational skills for job entry, upgrading, cross training and retraining purposes, according to officials. The natural gas and oil technology certificate courses also may be applied to a related associate degree program at the college.

The third program is a truck driving academy plus PEC SafeLand compliance training.

The natural gas and oil technology certificate prepares students with 19 college credit hours of courses for entry-level positions in the natural gas and oil industry.

Students who complete this program will develop a comprehensive understanding of the activities in the natural gas and oil industry, including exploration, drilling, production (upstream), processing, transportation, storage (midstream), distribution (downstream) and the environmental and safety aspects related to each. Holders of this certificate may secure jobs such as production operator, well tender, pumper, field operations and maintenance, heavy equipment maintenance, water management technician, measurement and regulation technician, field safety representatives, seismic crew member, hydraulic fracturing crew member, casing crew member, drilling crew member, service team member, boring team member, logging crew member, compressor operator, processing operators and well testing technicians, officials said.

An associate degree program in natural gas and oil technology is pending approval by the Ohio Board of Regents.

The oil and gas industry operation and maintenance technician certificate includes four courses with 16 college credit hours and prepares students for careers as well tenders, lease operators, pumpers, rig hands, roustabouts and entry-level laborers. The four courses each run for four weeks for a total of 16 weeks of attendance.

The cost for these certificates is based upon the college’s tuition and fees.

The college this fall is presenting a two-part training program to prepare residents to obtain a commerical driver’s license. This comprehensive program exceeds the maximum state requirements.

Students can take the four-week truck driving academy from Southern Sta

te Community College. The training occurs at Eastern Gateway’s Jefferson County campus as well as the school’s Lisbon and Youngstown locations.

Students also take 24 hours of PEC Safeland compliance training from EGCC.

The PEC SafeLand compliance program offered by Eastern Gateway brings together the health, safety and environmental training certifications most requested by oilfield operators, officials said. PEC compliance is SafeLand accredited and is accepted by major and most mid-major operators in the USA. SafeLand certification is the environmental health and safety standard specifically designed for the U.S. Onshore Energy & Petroleum industry.

Register for the truck driving academy with Southern State by calling (800) 628-7722, extension 4560.

Total program cost is $5,300.

The first training session begins Oct. 7 on Eastern Gateway’s Jefferson County campus. Additional training sessions are set for Nov. 12 in Lisbon and Dec. 9 in Youngstown.

For information, call (800) 68-COLLEGE, extension 310, or visit www.egcc.edu/truck.