Froehlich’s Classic Corner adds new convenience

STEUBENVILLE – Greg Froehlich always has enjoyed offering his customers the full service of a restaurant.

But the longtime business leader now has found a way to add convenience to his customers with curbside service at the North Fifth Street side of Froehlich’s Classic Corner Restaurant.

After nearly nine years at his current location, Froehlich has a new service for customers.

“We started offering curbside pickup service about three weeks ago. It is a new convenience for our regular customers as well as customers who want to try our menu items,” Froehlich explained.

“Convenience was the key to deciding to offer this service. A customer can call us at (740) 283-9901 and order what they would like for lunch or dinner and provide us with their vehicle model and color. They then drive up to the curb next to our curbside pickup door. We will see the customer on our monitors and we will bring the food order out to the car. The customer never has to leave their vehicle,” Froehlich explained.

“We are open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. and will have lunch and dinner available throughout our business hours. We are offering the same convenience as a drive-thru but with more of a restaurant menu,” noted Froehlich.

“Our customers enjoy the pickup service because it is easy for them to order their lunch or dinner and enjoy the easiness of a pickup,” cited Froehlich.

“We offer soup, salads, sandwiches, wings and lobster tails among many other entrees. We’ve got it all in the restaurant and through our curbside pickup service. And, we have a children’s menu as well,” said Froehlich.

“We have our menu on a flier that allows the customer to take them home or to work. We are working very hard for the convenience of our customers and hope they enjoy this new service,” added Froehlich.