Real Estate Transfers

The following real estate transactions were filed in Jefferson County:

John Geddis III to Property Guys LLC, lot 252, Manhattan.

Bernadette Gunsorek and others to Jerry and Veronica Bartrug, part lots 4-5, McLaughlin Original Adena (suvivorship).

Patrick Kennedy and Darlene DeLong to Michael DeLong, 1,488 square feet, Steubenville Township.

Snider Properties LLC to Ryan and Christie Starkey, 1,488 square feet, Steubenville Township (suvivorship).

Ernest Bartels (deceased) to Carol Bartels, metes, Knox Township.

Carole Gaston (deceased) to Stanley Gaston, 5,500 square feet, Steubenville Township.

Caroll Fithen (deceased) to Richard Fithen, metes, Cross Creek Township.

Jeannette Ossio (deceased) to Thomas Ossio Sr., lot 287, Manhattan; and lot 1, Miller Subdivision.

Linda Wilson to Property Guys LLC, lot 255, Manhattan.

Linda Wilson to Property Guys LLC, lot 255, Manhattan.

Linda Wilson to Stacie Hensley, lot 114, Ross Park Realty.

Linda Wilson to Joseph and Christine Wilson Jr., 0.45 acres, Cross Creek Township; lot 171, Becker Highlands; lot 58, Parkdale; lot 59, Beverly Hills; and part tract 26, Buena Vista Heights (suvivorship).

Fannie Mae to Harbour Portfolio VIII LP, lot 16, Adam Peeler’s Second; 0.093642 acre, Steubenville Township; and lot 3, John Cominotti proposed first.

Robert Dorsey (deceased) to Charlotte Dorsey, 0.837 acre, Wayne Township.

Phillip and J. Anna Lawrence to Vincent Lawrence and others, 24.603 acres, Salem Township.

Terrence Teramana to Samuel and Rebecca Shorac Jr., lot 308, Dixon Heights No. 2 (suvivorship).

Fred Wiley Sr. (deceased) to Brenda Eckenrode, 2 acres, Springfield Township.

Dina Magazzeni to Robert Kuester and Annette Grant, lot 9, Stuart Manor (suvivorship).

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, lot 35, Winterdale.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Fannie Mae, lot 70, Jefferson Saltsman Fourth.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Citibank, 2.068 acres, Smithfield Township.

Augustine Homes Limited to Edward and Nicole Grogg, lot 290, Manhattan (suvivorship).

Property Guys LLC to A&D Woodlands Limited, 16.9456 acres, Steubenville Township.

Earl Costantini (deceased) to Dyonna Strauss and others, metes, Knox Township.

Huntington National Bank to Steven Clark, part lot 2 and lot 3, Findley Addition.

David and Alesia Bonner to Christopher and Rebecca Mancik, lot 45, Rolling Acres Phase III.

Cheryl Bartholomew to Tyler Grafton, 30 acres, Island Creek Township.

JJ Detweiler Enterprises Inc. to Kenneth Dagan, 5.426 acres, Smithfield Township.

Dominic Morando Jr. (deceased) to Edith Morando, lot 213, AC Jones.

Edith Morando to Carl Bloom, lot 213, AC Jones.

Kenneth and Julie Viscovi to Edward and Sharon Viscovi, 1.9902 acres, Island Creek Township (suvivorship).

Stephen and Karen Vargo to Mason and Kara Boyce, lot 9, Bartock (suvivorship).

Gerald Polen (deceased) to Ruth Polen, lots 89-90, Rodgers Third; metes, Wells Township; lots 75-76, 87 and 91, Rodgers Third; and lot 47, Smith’s Addition.

Ruth Polen to Robert Polen, lot 47, Smith’s Addition.

Mary Carman to Joshua Roghelia, metes, Wayne Township.

Michael Vankirk to Angela Vankirk, lot 24, Starkdale Manor.

Irene Renforth (deceased) to Richard Renforth and others, lot 21 and part lot 22, SW Bailie Second.

Petros Investments LLC to Jefferson County Prevention and Recovery Board, lot 24, Gill’s Addition.

Vincent DiBias Jr. (deceased) to Barbara DiBias, lot 80, Cartwright.

Margaret Timcho (deceased) to Margaret Harasick and others, lots 15-16, Langfitt’s.

Nancy Petrella to Nancy and Robert Petrella, lot 6, Sunrise Terrace No. 1 (suvivorship).

Dorothy Tegano to Dorothy and John Tegano, Unit 4313, Steeple Chase (suvivorship).

H, Marjorie McElroy (deceased) to Tara and Charles Moore III, lot 18, Brentwood Estates Second.

Palmer Family Irrevocable Trust to Eric Palmer, metes, Steubenville Township; and 21.219 acres, Island Creek Township.

Eric Palmer to Eric and Wendy Palmer, 21.219 acre, Island Creek Township (suvivorship).

Eric Palmer to Wendy Palmer, 1.18 acres, Island Creek Township.

Mary Indovina to Aubrey Coppa, 0.11 acre, Knox Township.


The following real estate transactions were filed in Jefferson County:

Larry Murray to Lynda Murray, metes, Knox Township.

Sonny and Virginia Noon to Mark Noon, 1.063 acres, Mount Pleasant Township.

Phyllis Langford (deceased) to William Langford Jr., lots 237-238, Upland Park Second Allotment.

William Langford Jr. and others to Steward Langford and Steven Langford, lots 237-238, Upland Park Second Allotment.

William Ingler (deceased) to Susan Ingler, 0.6934 acre and metes, Wayne Township.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Deutsche Bank National Trust, 1 acre, Island Creek Township.

Barbara Barsch to Watsons Whispering Winds LLC, 111 acres, Warren Township.

Robert Work (deceased) to Barbara Work, lot 33, Brentwood Estates Second Addition.

Harold and Carole Fithen to Michael Irwin, 1 acre, Island Creek Township.

Manna Investments LLC to Adam Geer, lot 85, Altamont.

Joshua Richardson to Rachel Price, metes, Cross Creek Township.

Kathleen Davis to Scott and Ronni Chipps, 1.83 acres, Island Creek Township.

Kenneth and Sandra Dorsey to SAJ Dorsey Enterprises Limited, metes, Springfield Township; and part outlot 16, Springfield.

Joan Teramana to Robert Lamantia, lot 69, Country Club Hills.

Redwood State Properties Inc. to FMD Holdings LLC, part lots 46-47, Henry’s Second.

Donald and Brenda Hrdlicka to Carla Phenicie, 20.684 acres, Knox Township.

Bryan and Nicole Rawson to Doris Starr, lot 2, Thomas McFerren Addition.

Columbus Club and others to Belmont Club, part lot 457 and lot 456, Dickinson Addition.

Frank DiCarlantonio Jr. to Kathryn DiCarlantonio, part lot 103, John Spahn’s First.

Ruth Goddard to Rodger Goddard, 1.847 acres, Knox Township.

Eileen Collie and others to Todd Scott, lot 57, David Maxwell Revised Plan.

Jacqueline Sustick to Sean McKitrick and others, 0.591 acre, Cross Creek Township (survivorship).

Elizabeth Petrick (deceased) to Michaelene Slivka and others, lot 9, Joseph Patrick proposed.

Larry Keenan to Karen Keenan, 9.17 acres, Knox Township.

Florine Stewart to Florien Stewart and Heather Bright, part lot 39, Simmons & Foster.

Brian and Karen Maguire to Marsha Landis, metes, Steubenville Township.

Michael and Sherri Barber Jr. to Geary and Patricia Teramana, 24.231 acres, Island Creek Township (survivorship).

Earl Isaly (deceased) to Betty Isaly, lots 104-105, Crestview Manor Third.

Bryan Hawkins to Bryan Marcino and Chad Marcino, lot 45, Hiland Estates (survivorship).

Alissa Goff to Richard Goff, 1.8635 acres, Wells-Warren Township.

William Andress Sr. to Violet Andress, 0.12 acre, Smithfield Township.

Gail Doss and others to Jack Fowler LLC, lot 71, Locust Park.

Steven and Valerie Pokorny to Kevin Marrow, lot 5, Pleasant Heights Improvement.

PNC Bank to John and Bonnie Ratti, part lots 15, 16 and 18, Robertson First (survivorship).

Eleanor Naylor to Matthew Schaefer, lot 15, Beverly Estates No. 1.

Carol and Gregory Plemmons to Kenneth and Carol Frye, lots 98-107, Upland Park First Allotment.

Dawn Driscoll to David Driscoll, lot 36, McConnell’s.

Jerome Haynes and others to C. William and Shannon Lucas, lots 13-14, Banfield Improvement (survivorship).

Vearl Elerick Jr. (deceased) to Patricia Elerick, metes, Mount Pleasant Township.

Marimont Properties Inc. and Manna Investments LLC to Michael See, 3.36 acres, Steubenville Township.

Stephanie and Michael Brown to Bridget Chase, 0.413 acre, Wayne Township.

Bryan Kosikowski to Curtis and Shelley Skinner, 0.0675 acre, Island Creek Township (survivorship).

Michael Turick (deceased) to Joann Turick, 4,485 square feet, Knox Township.

Marian Osburne and Karla Snyder to Mark and Johnna Tomeucci, lot 17, Sunrise Terrace (survivorship).

Richard Gavorcik to Ricky and Karen Carothers, lot 88, Lawrence Heil Addition (survivorship).

Brenda Vu to Brian Potkrajac, metes, Knox Township.

John Beadnell and others to Betty Beadnell and others, 46 acres, Saline Township.

183 Woodmont Avenue Land Trust to First Cedar Investments Limited, 1.03 acres, Island Creek Township.

150 West Church Land Trust to Cal Rentals LLC, 0.342 acre, Cross Creek Township.

209 Maryland Avenue Land Trust to First Cedar Investments Limited, part lot 74 and lots 75-76, Walker First.

James Kidwell to Beverly Kidwell, lot 1, Brookview.

JP Morgan Chase Bank to William Kakascik, 5.628 acres, Knox Township.

Mary Miller to Marilyn Dimmit, lot 34, Scharlott’s Addition.

Christine Olenick to Curtis Hummel Jr., lot 53, Green Acres.

Kyria and Michael Howard to Karen Balvin, lots 4-5, Henry Walker’s.

Auditor of Jefferson County to Vicki McWilliams, lot 15, MA Smith.

Real Estate Transfers

The following real estate transactions were filed in Jefferson County:

Jacqueline Gibson to Jacqueline Gibson and Larry Lyles, lot 19, Brentwood Estates (survivorship).

Judith Stillwagon (deceased) to Douglas Creamer, lot 1, Brentwood Estate.

Linda Wilson to Russell Hunt, lots 11 and 16, Karen Place; and lot 46, Dana Lynn.

Steven Clark to Elizabeth Kuntz, lot 3, Hilz Third Addition.

Libero and Mary Barca to Connie Schoeller, lot 36, Lawson Estates.

Barry and Cynthia Piergallini to Daniel and Judy Jones, 5,472 acres, Mount Pleasant Township (survivorship).

Terry Welling and Andrew Jankowski to Andrew Jankowski, lot 60, Parr’s Second.

David and Phyllis Toto to Mitchell Toto Jr., 0.06545 acre, Smithfield Township.

Bank of America to Larry Deluca, 0.1918 acre, Warren Township.

Charles and Heather Hicks to Heather Hicks, lot 2, St. John Heights.

Elizabeth Drazic (deceased) to Linda Cutri and others, part lot 12, Linduff.

Joseph and Jessica Matthews to Judy Hanlin, lot 2, Charlestown.

Augustine Homes Limited to Edward and Nicole Groff, lot 290, Manhattan (survivorship).

Dwight Mader (deceased) to Jon Eick, 1.5 acres, Wayne Township.

William Langford Jr. to Greg Langford and Theresa Helmbright, lots 239-240, Upland Park Second Allotment (survivorship).

Julius Gilliam (deceased) to Virginia Gilliam, 0.18 acre, Smithfield Township.

Jack and Wendy Byers to Jay and Margaret Costello, lot 1, Banfield Improvement (survivorship).

Kenneth Taylor to Christopher VanDyke, 0.373 acre, Salem Township.

Justin and Marilyn Scarpone to Federal National Mortgage Association, lots 19-20, Waggoner & McEldowney.

Olive DiCenzo (deceased) to Danny DiCenzo and others, lot 109, Medilla.

June Grew (deceased) to Charles Grew Sr., 6.65 acres, Wells-Warren Township.

Stelsa Lewis to Michael and Sharon Hirsch Jr., 0.566 acre, Wells-Warren Township.

John and Joyce Young to Eulis Allen, lot 176, Pleasant Heights Poplar Springs.

Bank of New York Mellon to Bank of America, metes, Smithfield Township.

Bank of America to Nehemiah Community Reinvestment Fund Inc., metes, Smithfield Township.

LF Snyder LLC to TNCC LLC, part lot 1, Jefferson County Industrial Park.

William and Anna Culp to Thomas and Nancy Culp, lots 27-28, Unionport (survivorship).

Vina Merkel (deceased) to Kathy Besece, lot 64, Watson & Thomasson’s Fifth.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Midfirst Bank, metes, Smithfield Township.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to US Bank, 1.034 acres, Cross Creek Township.

Larry and Susan Weldon to Gary and Tina Weldon, metes, Wells-Warren Township (survivorship).

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, 0.34 acre, Island Creek Township.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Federal National Mortgage Association, lot 14, Cattrell’s Third; and lots 61-64, Lake Austin Development.

Richard and Sandra Allen to Sandra Allen, 7,200 square feet, Springfield Township.

Edward Dailey II to William and Mary Sack, 7,200 square feet, Springfield Township (survivorship).

Lawrence and Elizabeth Leake to Joseph Leake Sr. and others, metes, Springfield Township.

Gary Glover (deceased) to Kathie Glover, lot 89, Upland Park First Allotment.

Dallas MHP LLC to UMH Central Oh LLC, metes, Knox Township.

Auditor of Jefferson County to Kristell Fletcher and Jordan Gray, lot 108, JG Morris First.

A&H Logging Inc. to Harvey and Anna Miller, metes, Steubenville Township; 0.107 acre, Wells-Warren Township; metes, Cross Creek Township; metes, Mount Pleasant Township; metes, Smithfield Township; lots 5-6, Logan’s Second; and lots 24-25, Allens (survivorship).

James and Tracy Beadnell to Allen and Anna Miller, metes, Brush Creek Township (survivorship).

Herbert Carrico (deceased) to Grace Carrico, 1.05 acres, Island Creek Township.

Susan Thompson (deceased) to Quinlan Corbett and Wesley Corbett, 40 acres, Island Creek Township.

US Bank to Housing & Urban Development, lot 10 and part lot 11, Samuel Speaker.

Robert Lamantia to Nicole Dustolfo, lot 143, Country Club Hills.

Shawn and Valerie Irwin to Daniel Shaffer, lot 3, Banfield Improvement.

John and Norma Yater to John and Christine Yater, 2.0994 acres, Wells-Warren Township (survivorship).

Real Estate Transfers

The following real estate transactions were filed in Jefferson County:

James McBane Revocable Trust to Mark Henderson, lot 5, Westview.

Hazel Whitaker (deceased) to Mark Whitaker and Janice Gardner, 0.308 acre, Steubenville Township.

Janice and Thomas Gardner to Mark Whitaker, 0.308 acre, Steubenville Township.

Mark Whitaker to Janice Gardner, part lot 6, Barretts First.

Earl Mashall Jr. (deceased) to MaryAnn Marshall, 1.0119 acres, Island Creek Township.

Silvo Scopel (deceased) to Leo Scopel and others, metes, Springfield Township.

Kristopher and Christina Haught to Estate of Orlando Isidore, 0.817 acre, Cross Creek Township.

Carl Huber to John and Tina Graebing, 1.001 acres, Ross Township.

George Stoddart to Ariel Clutter, 0.09 acre, Steubenville Township.

Kenneth Kendle (deceased) to Pansey Kendle, 1.5 acres, Smithfield Township.

Frank Ondusko Jr. to Vera Ondusko, 0.459 acre and metes, Springfield Township.

John Litva Sr. (deceased) to Deborah Giannaris and John Litva Jr., metes, Wells-Warren Township.

Clorinda Whitaker (deceased) to Jill Costello, lot 8, Brentwood Estates.

Robert and Nicole McDonald to Michael Kuester, lots 38-39, Highland Park.

John and Sally Porter to Donald Doty Jr., lot 71, McKee’s Second.

Bridget Beagle to Tyrone Beagle, metes, Salem Township.

Housing & Urban Development to Bank of America, lots 73 and 75, Mount Pleasant.

Fannie Mae to Richard Finney, lot 44, Hollywood Subdivision.

Troy and Kristen Rock to Nicholas and Autumn Reese, lot 28, Mellwood Acres (survivorship).

Thomas Snodgrass, trustee, to Terrence Sabo Jr., 9.095 acres, Warren Township.

James and Patricia Harris to Krista Holyak, lot 9, Homewood Park.

Andrea Bedway and others to Thumb Touch LLC, 181.718 acres, Mount Pleasant Township.

Sandra and Edward Chanoski to Christine Williams, lot 38 and part lot 39, Beverly Hills Seventh.

William Bednarek to Melissa McCain, lot 28, Smithfield.

Carol Rocchio (deceased) to Patrick Capaldi, part lot 9 and lot 10, McConnell’s.

Michael and Karen Homol to Ronald Ridinger, lot 6, Original Bloomfield.

Francis Savoie to Linda Savoie, part lots 194-195, Labelle View.

Harry Wells (deceased0 to Melody Wells, part lot 7 and lot 8, Original Mingo Junction.

Real estate transfers

The following real estate transactions were filed in Jefferson County:

Paul Derbyshire to Autumn Householder, 0.4 acre, Knox Township.

Jean Strupe to Donald and Rhonda Thompson, lot 19, Original Dillonvale.

Gary Kranek to Travis Kranek, lots 116-117, Riverview Terrace.

William Kaufmann to William and Beverly Kaufmann, metes, Wayne Township; and lots 15 and 23, Valley View (survivorship).

Samuel and Janice Swickard to Yvonne Chester, 33.6533 acres, Knox Township.

Patty and James Shields to Yvonne Chester, 33.6533 acres, Knox Township.

Harold Westlake (deceased) to Brawyn Vida and others, lot 161, Altamont.

Riley Jennings Jr. (deceased) to Terry Jennings, lot 5 and part lots 6-7, Orr’s Addition (survivorship).

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Perry Blackwell, lot 6, Orchard Place.

Gary and Hope Davis to Steven Clark, lot 64, Brentwood Estates.

Magdaline DeJulio and others to Nancy Eisnaugle, lot 21, McCauslen.

Alice and Dana Rowcliffe to Robert Parrish, lots 244-247, Silver Stream Knolls Addition No. 2.

Brenda Hilliard and others to Robert Parrish, lots 244-247, Silver Stream Knolls Addition No. 2.

Lee McBurney (deceased) to Nancy McBurney, 1.0725 acres, Island Creek Township.

Rosalie Davis to David and Kerri Bobish, 0.145 acre, Warren Township (survivorship).

Renee and Michael Russo to James Hawthorne, lots 8-9, Bates Allotment.

James and Heidi Nicholson to Albert Nicholson and others, 3.0866 acres, Wells-Warren Township (survivorship).

Dora Horvat to William and Marsha Horvat, lot 36, Francis First.

Florence DiPietro (deceased) to Maryann Margaret Lee Living Trust, lot 15, Belvedere.

William and Herberta Mitchell to Chad and Christine Reaume, metes, Steubenville Township (survivorship).

Anna Robertson and others to Daniel Rawson and Brian Shields, lots 89-90, Manhattan (survivorship).

Donald and Catherine Hoover Jr. to Michael and Angela Bracelin, lot 19, Swickard Second (survivorship).

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Theresa Wilson, metes, Steubenville Township.

Susanne Cominotti (deceased) to Gregory Chesson and others, lot 229, Dixon Heights.

Eugene and Donna Costello to Eugene Costello, 1 acre, Wells-Warren Township.

Deana Wiley and others to Heather Maxwell and Alexander Largent, 5.2 acre, Springfield Township.

Eugene and Genta Battlochi to Stephen and Susan Browning, 4.4906 acres, Ross Township (survivorship).

Melissa and Stanley Radcliffe to Frank Redmond, lot 29, Overlook Hills.

Rebecca Miller to Frank Redmond, lot 29, Overlook Hills.

Ruth Morgan to William Morgan, 0.671 acre, Springfield Township.

Roseanna Zeigler to Robert and Sara Martin Jr., lot 171, Buena Vista Heights (survivorship).

William and Paula Frank to Steven Frank, 7.179 acres. Steubenville Township.

James Talerico (deceased) to Jesse Talerico, 1.07 acres, Island Creek Township.

Leonard and Victoria Francois to Renee Anatasi and David DeLamatei II, part lot 4, Original Amsterdam.

Ohio Department of Natural Resources to City of Toronto, metes, Island Creek Township; lots 1-5, and lots 9-18, Banfield.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Linda Caputo, 2.4313 acres, Steubenville Township.

Kevin P. Getsey (deceased) to Kevin C. Getsey, part lot 14, Original Mingo.

Anthony Zatta Jr., trustee, to Anthony Zatta Sr., 30.743 acres, Salem Township.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Edward Featheringham, lot 23, William Myers Second.