Real estate transfers

The following real estate transactions were recorded in Jefferson County:

Sheridan Christian (deceased) to Mary Christian, lots 41, 43, 53 and 55, Original Smithfield.

Sheriff of Jefferson County to Huntington National Bank, 6.191 acres, Wayne Township.

Lisa Brak and Randal James, lot 49, Eastview.

Jessica and James Conrad Jr. to Jessica Wicker, lots 31-32, Riveria Amended Butte Beverly Hills.

Housing & Urban Development to JD Home Mortgage LLC, lot 56, McConnells.

Maroon Plains Trust to JD Home Mortgage LLC, lot 142, Sunset Gardens No. 2.

Thomas and Janice Gardner to Donald Ware Jr. and David Ware, part lot 6, Barretts First (survivorship).

Rhonda and Charles Wells to Verna Brown, metes, Knox Township.

Eric and Jody Marchetta to Suzanne Kressler, lot 67, Ekeys Third.

Gregory Nixon (deceased) to Richard Nixon, lot 1, Pugs Sunset Manor.

Richard and Patricia Nixon to Sheila Carr, lot 1, Pugs Sunset Manor.

Mary Mayhew to Mason Gubanez, 4.7928 acres, Knox Township.

Carole Jaros to Chelsee Verhovec, metes, Wells-Warren Township.

Evelyn Faldowski and others to Evelyn Faldowski, metes, Smithfield Township; 0.502 acre, Warren Township; and lot 4, Bartock.

Dillonvale Emergency Medical Service Inc. to Dillonvale United Methodist Church, part lot 34, Original Dillonvale.

Cynthia and Ronald Hawthorne to Marie and Kenneth White, part lot 1, Starr’s First (survivorship).

Russell Whittaker (deceased) to Debbie Whittaker, part lot 16, Original Mount Pleasant.

Charlotte Higgins (deceased) to Mark Higgins, 0.962 acre, Mount Pleasant Township.

Mildred Ostovich (deceased) to Dorothy Brdar, lot 26, Becker Highlands.

Melissa Supanik to Joshua Beck, 0.3094 acre, Warren Township.

James and Marlene Castellano to Billy Clark, lot 4, Skyview.

Mark Higgins Sr. (deceased) to Mark Higgins Jr., 0.962 acre, Mount Pleasant Township.

Mark Higgins Jr. to Letha Vancuren, 0.962 acre, Mount Pleasant Township.

Vicki Owens to Robert Owen, part lot 19, Robert Clark First.

Thomas and Susan Mort to Samuel Shorac Jr., lot 69, Glendwell.

Greg and Adrienne Verhovec to Audrianna Verhovec, 1.7006 acres, Wells-Warren Township.

Michael Warren and Beth Rupert Warren to Derek and Kristina Rummell, part lots 1-2, Banfield Improvement.

Harry Geroch (deceased) to Dorothy Carpenter, part lot 48 and lots 49-50, JA Langfitts.