Cancer support group selling survivor calendars

WELLSBURG – A group that sets out to offer a helping hand to area residents with cancer has received some help itself.

Chadlee Rogerson of Wellsburg, one of many cancer survivors featured in the Faces, Family and Friends of Breast Cancer calendar, organized a benefit at Hard Times that raised $1,000 for the cause.

Rogerson was assisted by Lester Bradley, the business’ owner, and his staff; the Cross Creek Band, Dave Britt of the Wellsburg Flower Shop, Cinda Rogerson, her mother and owner of His Place Christian bookstore; the War Dogs Motorcycle Club, the Whitco family, John Kennedy, Mike and Carol Allman and many others.

Faces, Family and Friends of Breast Cancer was formed by Florence Flenner, an Avella native, and her sister, Denise Grooms of Wellsburg, with the primary goal of providing a dinner to an area resident undergoing treatment for breast cancer.

Flenner remembered her husband’s boss arranging for a meal to be sent to their home while she was battling breast cancer in 2008. The sisters began sending restaurant gift cards or certificates to breast cancer patients they learned about through family or friends.

As their efforts spread, they came up with a calendar featuring photos of breast cancer survivors and the families of people who died while battling the disease.

It features a different person each month, with illustrations reflecting that individual’s interests.

They are $20 each and are available at His Place Christian bookstore on Commerce Street and Wellsburg or through Flenner at