4-H News

Blazing Saddles

Bailee Haught was elected president of the Blazing Saddles 4-H Club at the February meeting.

Troy Zimmerman is president; McKayla Zimmerman, secretary; Ashlyn Haught, treasurer; and Mackenzie Zimmerman, recreation. An installation ceremony was held for the officers.

There were 11 members present and two guests.

As a “get healthy project,” members are bringing in fruit and vegetables instead of junk food for their refreshments. Apples and bananas were eaten at the meeting.

Members discussed a field trip being planned to a local veterinarian’s facility.

Ridge Hoppers

The Ridge Hoppers 4-H Club met at McDonald’s with Krystal Fiala presiding.

Members discussed the site for the window display to be put up for Ohio 4-H Week.

An election of officers was held with Amber Fiala named president; Krystal Fiala, vice president and treasurer; Jordan Vance, secretary and news reporter.

New members welcomed to the club were Annie Fogle and Sadie Heldreth.

Plans were made to attend the officers training program presented by the Extension office and make Valentines for a local nursing home.

Styles, designs and colors for the club T-shirt were discussed.

Golden Horseshoe

Eighteen members were in attendance when the Golden Horseshoe 4-H Club met at the home of adviser Carolyn Piergallini. Chelsea Jenkins presided.

A future project will be collecting good quality, used clothing for those in need.

Members will decide on new T-shirts for the club to be worn at the Jefferson County Fair and to identify members.

Themes for the Ohio 4-H window decorating contest were discussed.

The club planned to go the overnighter at the Millsop Community Center and to attend officers training. Plans were made to make the meetings the best they can and change how things are done. The next meeting will be at the Piergallini house at 5 p.m. on March 4.

43 Ramblers

The Glenn Mills Community Senior Center in Richmond was cleaned by members of the 43 Ramblers 4-H Club at the February meeting. They cleaned the downstairs, kitchen, main lobby and bathrooms as a community 4-H project.

Mollie McConnell was in charge of the business meeting that followed.

Health and safety reports were given, and members are collecting cans and recycling them.

As a fundraiser, the club is selling candy bars.

Members will be decorating windows for an Ohio 4-H Week project. The winning clubs will receive a monetary prize.

The next meeting will be held at 2 p.m. on March 3 at the center.

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Friends and Neighbors

The Friends and Neighbors 4-H Club met at the Colonial Baptist Church’s Ryan Center with 22 members present. Lane Corder presided, and officers were elected, including, Coy Amis, president; Maddie Charlier, vice president; Andrew Constantine, secretary; Ethan Zifzal, news reporter; Lane Corder, recreation leader; Londy Marracino, safety officer; and Keeley Amis, communications officer.

Cloverbuds learned about fitness and decorated frisbees for their club project.

Members are taking orders for an Easter fundraiser with the money due at the next meeting.

Future plans include taking a team to the 2013 Cloverbot Challenge.

Ethan Zifzal will give a demonstration at the Feb. 22 meeting that begins at 6:15 p.m. Marracino will give a safety talk, and Kailyn Frey and Billy Kavalchik will serve refreshments.

Donna Corder and Melissa Zifzal are the advisers.

Bits and Pieces

The Bits and Pieces 4-H Club met at the Glenn Mills Seniors Community Center with Meghan Scott and Erin Hartzell presiding. There were 21 present.

Officers were elected with David Kinney named president; Bethanie Bube, vice president; Ashley Grafton, secretary; Collin Scott, treasurer; Lauren Ferralli, news reporter; Makara Eick, health officer; Courtnie Bube, safety; and Evan Longo, recreation.

The 4-H community calendar was reviewed by the club, and the officer training and 4-H Quality Assurance programs were discussed.

Members will be selecting projects for the club year.

The next meeting will be held at 1:30 p.m. Feb. 24 at the Glenn Mills Center.

4-H News

Barshoe Wranglers

The Barshoe Wranglers 4-H Club met at the Jefferson County Joint Vocational School with 29 members in attendance.

C.J. Glenn was elected president. Others elected were: Sam Glenn, vice president; Kirsten Turner, treasurer; Marissa Lucci, secretary; August Glenn, news reporter; Alexis Kosut and Kylee Haynes, health and safety officers; and Heaven Vojvodich, recreation officer.

Future plans include participation in the Iron Chef contest and the Ohio 4-H Week decorating windows of businesses in Jefferson County. The next meeting will be held at 7 p.m. Feb. 16 at the JVS.

Frank Mazur is adviser.