Camera club announces winners

WINTERSVILLE, Ohio – The Upper Ohio Valley Camera Club has listed the winners of the January competition.

The print winners for the topic of the month “Frost” were Claudia Norris, first place; Barb Momyer, second place; and Stephen Mihopulos, third place. In the open category, the winners included Andy Tindor, first place; Steve Roberts, second place; and Vince Trupiano, third place. The special effects winners were Stephen Mihopulos, first place; Anissa Wellington, second place; and Becky Mihopulos, third place. The winners’ pictures can be found on Facebook at the Upper Ohio Valley Camera Club page.

The slide winners for the topic “Frost” were Norris, first place; Steve Whiting, second place; and Trupiano, third place. The open category winners included Norris, first place; Whiting, second place; and Jack Hatala, third place. The special effects winners were Norris, first place; Trupiano, second place; and Hatala, third place.

Camera club member Sam Rees presented the workshop for January on the topic of using Lightroom Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Elements. Rees used his laptop computer along with a digital projector to show samples of photoshop techniques on a large screen so all the club members could see how to do the various techniques. Rees showed how to cut out something from one picture and to insert it into another background and size that inserted photo larger or smaller. He also showed how to fix flaws in people’s portraits and how to cover up things in a picture that are distracting or unattractive to the scene.

Some of the club members had their scenic pictures published in the 2013 McBane Insurance Co. calendar and the calendar was passed around for club members to see the pictures. All photos were taken in Jefferson and Carroll Counties, and members with pictures in the calendar include Leanne Sinicropi, Melissa Bendle, Karen Tindor, Claudia Norris, Don Roberts and Diane Bannister.

The next camera club workshop will be at 7 p.m. Tuesday at the Two Ridges Presbyterian Church hall in Wintersville off state Route 43. The workshop topic will be “how to photograph wildflowers and waterfalls.” Any persons interested are welcome to attend even though they are not a member. The competition meeting will be Feb. 19.

For information, contact Whiting, club president, at (740) 546-3923.