DAR welcomes new members

STEUBENVILLE, Ohio – The Fort Steuben Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution met Feb. 9 at Scaffidi’s Restaurant, with Chapter Regent Jo Ann Morrison calling the meeting to order.

First Vice Regent Nancy Valles led the Pledge of Allegiance; Second Vice Regent Karen Blanc led the American’s Creed; National Defender Chair Bonnie Slemmers led the singing of the national anthem; and Chaplain Diane Bowers gave the invocation and blessing.

New members Mary Wood and Teresa Heiss were welcomed and inducted into the chapter by Morrison, Bowers and Registrar Mary Webster.

Vickie Joseph presented the afternoon’s program, speaking about the Rainbow Center in Burundi, Africa. The center is a haven for infants with AIDS and is funded by Christian Mission in Many Lands, operated by Melli and Ken Johnson. The Rainbow Center offers a clinic that helps families with medicine and food and assists in the purchase of sewing machines for local women, so they may make a living.

The business session followed, and the previous meeting’s minutes were read, corrected and approved.

The Treasurer’s report was read and filed for audit. The group received a letter from Historic Fort Steuben requesting support for the June festival.

Morrison introduced prospective members Mary Ann Jesse, Jeannie Vega and Tammy Kotyk.

Lorna Young gave the Indian Minute on the Delaware Native Americans, who became refugees from New Jersey and Delaware, becoming crowded out by European settlers and suffering defeats from the Iroquois. The Delaware tribes at one time occupied large areas of eastern Ohio, including the Muskingum and Tuscarawas river valleys, and, in an alliance with the Shawnee, opposed the frontiersmen.

Slemmer gave a report on Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and the appointment of Army Gen. Lloyd J. Austin III becoming the next U.S. Central Commander. Austin is a Silver Star recipient and served with the Third Infantry Division. He also commanded the 10th Mountain Division in Afghanistan and commanded the Multinational Corps in Iraq from February 2008 through April 2009. The nomination must be confirmed by the U.S. Senate.

Slemmer also spoke about the National Guard, noting they are frequently deployed for active duty and are called upon during natural disasters such as floods, tornadoes and hurricanes, quell riots and guard the nation’s borders.

Service for Veterans Chair Wadeanne Nardo reported stamps and T-shirts are being collected. Schools Chair Nancy Valles is collecting Campbell’s soup labels and Box Tops for Education.

Women’s Issues Chair Vickie Joseph reported on an Afghani women’s self-help group supported by Catholic Relief Services. The group has opened a bakery after relief service provided two ovens, flour, cooking oil, baking powder and raisins. With the bakery profits, the women are able to supplement their families’ diets with rice, yogurt and meat, instead of just tea and bread.

Junior American Citizens Chair reported of the chapter’s 18 JAC contest winners, 17 were state winners and their projects have been sent for division judging.

Mary Webster made motions that the chapter sponsor the opening day of the Fort Steuben Festival for $200 and send a $100 donation to the Rainbow Center, both of which passed.

Morrison requested the Nominating Committee meet immediately after the chapter meeting and asked members to sponsor the Good Citizen and American History students who will be honored at the March meeting.

The next meeting will be held at noon March 9 at Scaffidi’s and the program will include Linda Hohensil presenting the Good Citizen Awards and Karen Blanc presenting the American History awards. Wilma Boring and Bonnie Slemmer will be greeters.

Members were asked to remember Nancy Toothman and Pam Lilly in their prayers, and Bowers closed the meeting with a benediction.