Avella man to be featured speaker on history tour

AVELLA, Pa. – Eugene Painter will be the featured speaker of a Patterson Mill historical tour sponsored by the A.D. White Research Society at 2 p.m. April 27, beginning at the mill site on Cross Creek Road.

The group also will attempt to find any remains of the McNutt log cabin, the home of Joseph K. McNutt, who operated the mill in 1887. McNutt’s daughter, Nora Myrtle McNutt, also was born that year in the dirt-floor cabin. Nora Myrtle McNutt is the mother of John Baker of Mount Lebanon, A.D. White Society member.

The tour also will include the Fred and Beverly Hofrichter home, which was once owned by the Patterson family.

For information, call Kathryn Slasor at (724) 947-3983.