Dinosaurs invade the Good Zoo

WHEELING – The Oglebay Good Zoo Treasure Hunt is Friday and Saturday, and, in addition to the Easter Bunny, some other special guests will be on hand during the hunt.

“The Good Zoo has been invaded by four life-sized, moving and roaring dinosaurs which can be discovered in the woods out near the Australian exhibit,” said Penny Miller, zoo director. “Come enjoy the treasure hunt and take a sneak peak at our new dinosaurs.”

The dinosaurs will be at the zoo through the summer and include a large Styracosaurus and her baby, a juvenile Tyrannasarus Rex, a Dilophosaurus, a Deltadromeus and Parasaurolophus.

“The Deltadromeus, whose name means ‘river runner’ has claimed the top of the wetlands waterfall as his prehistoric perch for the summer,” said Miller.

The Parasaurolophus is non-robotic so visitors can sit on it and take their photo or video, but all other dinosaurs are robotic and move and roar.

The annual non-competitive treasure hunt will be held from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day.

“Every child who participates in the event receives a treasure map and an Easter bucket to hold their treasures,” said Miller.

Admission to the Good Zoo, which includes the treasure hunt, is $9 for adults; $5.75 for children ages 3-12; and free for ages 2 and under. Good Zoo members are free but members’ children that participate in the hunt must purchase a ticket for $4.