Luthra speaks to seniors

WEIRTON – The Three Score Senior Club met at Undo’s with President Cookie Veltri calling the meeting to order.

Tony LaRosa gave the invocation, followed by members reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and singing “God Bless America.”

Dr. J.K. Luthra spoke about the Festival of Nations which will be held April 13 at the Weirton Event Center located at the former Cove School site.

Entertainment Chair Rosemary Gaynor welcomed Dave Watkins who performed several “Rat Pack” songs.

Veltri announced a “for the good of the group” suggestion box will be placed at the door and members may drop suggestions and ideas.

Secretary Pat Deletka gave the February report, which was approved as read. The Audit Committee, including Angie Mazur, Jean Ray and Mary Ann DiFonzo, completed the audit and complimented Treasurer Joan Villa on her work. Villa gave her report, which was approved and filed for audit.

Tour Chair Regina Truax announced upcoming tours.

They include:

April 7, Rivers Casino, Pittsburgh;

April 11, Branson’s Ozark Jubilee Show; and

April 22-25 Atlantic City.

For information, call Truax at (304) 723-0419.

Sunshine Chair Winnie Kemp sent get-well cards to Kathy Colbert, Jean Ray, David See, Dorothy Pavelka and Guy Ceraolo.

She read a thank-you card from Al Hecathorn.

Marlene Hare, Larry Purks and Judy Gaynor celebrated birthdays, and Joe and Ilsa Pulice celebrated their anniversary.

House Chair Kathryn Hardsouk was thanked for the Easter-themed decorations.

Reservation Chair Vivian Weigel reported 104 members were in attendance.

She reminded members if they made a reservation and didn’t attend, they still had to pay for their dinner.

House Chair Brenda Edwards passed around an album recording previous meeting and was congratulated for her work.

Marlene Hare made a motion, seconded by Joe Veltri, that members need not attend five meetings a year to retain membership. It was approved by the group.

Joann Gorrell and Cookie Veltri won Undo’s dinner certificates, and Hospitality Chair Jim Hare awarded prizes to Sonny Marino, Martha Welch, John Fields, Carol Irvine and Joan Villa.

Jack Cummings and Sonny Marina awarded the 50/50 drawing to Pauline Corsi and Barbara Andrews.

Tony LaRosa gave the benediction.

The next meeting will be held April 25.