Alatis speaks to NC Lions

NEW CUMBERLAND – Dr. Stephen Alatis gave a presentation on orthopedic problems and solutions to the New Cumberland Lions Club as part of Weirton Medical Center Wellness Office’s speaker service.

Alatis spoke about procedures to improve knees and hips and bone and joint issues.

The secretary’s report was corrected to reflect the club’s newest member is Missy Perkins, and the treasurer’s report was given. .

Lion Tom Tate presented the slate of officers for the 2013-2014 year. They include President Betsy Wells, First Vice President Bob McNeil, Second Vice President Arland Lamp, Third Vice President John Edwards, Secretary Jennifer Meeker and Treasurer Jim Wells.

Lion Don Greathouse made a motion, seconded by Lion Dick Rogers, to accepted the slate as presented. The motion passed.

Rogers presented Lion Matt Murray for membership consideration, and it will be addressed during the next board meeting.

Lion Russ Flanigan made a motion, seconded by Lion Dawn Cervi, to adjourn.

A special session was immediately called for a second reading of the slate of officers. Lion Anna Raines made a motion, seconded by Cervi, to close nominations. Lion Mark Gittings made a motion, seconded by Rogers, to accept the slate of officers.

The next regular meeting will be held April 8 at the New Cumberland City Building.