Rebekahs hold district convention

COLLIERS – The District No. 1 Rebekah Lodges met at Naomi Rebekah Lodge 42 April 20, with District Deputy President Elaine Weekley presiding.

Weekley and Vice President Torie Montgomery, Secretary Linda Howell and Treasurer Mildred Richter, were elected by district members and seated by Wheeling Lodge 45.

Carol Schoolcraft and Tracy Boyer of Star of the Valley Lodge 73 in Weirton presented the American and Rebekah Flags.

Hope Daughtery of Naomi Lodge 42 welcomed those in attendance, while Carol Kennedy of Newell Lodge 74 gave the response.

Weekley appointed Warden Myrtle Thompson and Conductor Mildred Keeder.

District lodges reported on the year’s activities.

West Virginia Rebekah State President Urma Morgan was introduced and talked about the Low Vision project, which helps people with visual handicaps obtain equipment that helps their vision. Morgan also discussed the Emergency and Disaster project, scholarship, the state Oddfellow and International Rebekah newspapers and the state parade float’s availability. She encouraged the members to send books and small gifts to the Veterans Administration hospitals and to visit the patients.

Committees were appointed. They include: Auditing, Verna Tarr, Boyer and Linda Howell; Courtesy, Daughtery, Anne Hawthorne and Robing Shaw; Friendship and Condolences, Kennedy, Thompson and Mary Lou Hoffman; Publicity, Richter, Keeder and Montgomery; and Unwritten Work, Schoolcraft, Morgan and Jean.

Door prizes were distributed and a white elephant sale held.

The group held a memorial service to honor those members who passed away over the past year, with Kennedy and Thompson reading scripture.

Keeder presented a tribute to the American and Rebekah flags.

Donations were made to the Education Fund, Emergency and Disaster project, president’s project and Low Vision.

The members recited the Rebekah Creed and Tarr closed the meeting with prayer. The district picnic will be held Sept. 21 at the Schoolcraft residence, and the 2014 convention will be held April 26, 2014, in Wheeling.