Mock trial

Hancock County Magistrate Scott Hicks found two Weir Middle School fifth-graders guilty of involuntary manslaughter – in a mock trial – Thursday at the middle school. Hicks participated in the mock trial held by the homeroom of Susan Slowikowski, fifth-grade social studies teacher. JoJo Majewski portrayed the bailiff; Lacey Sprinkle, the state’s attorney; Riley Reid and Nakiera Harper, the defense attorneys; Cheyenne John, the clerk; Scott Edmond and Robbie Minger, doctors; Devon Zahora, “Ace,”; Dominic Simich, a police officer; Jesse Tustin, “Alex”; Tyler Fulmer, jury foreperson; and Ashley Vargo, Lexus Robertson, Anthony Nicosia, Zachary Guiddy, Destiny Whipkey, Dakota Smith, Wyatt Conley, Leah Igo, Tommy Maris, Megan Lauck and Summer Stevens, jurors. The fifth grade attended the event, and Hicks held a well-received question-and-answer session. Slowikowski noted the mock trial was designed to teach the students about the judicial system.