Three Score Seniors meet

WEIRTON – Tony LaRosa opened the April Three Score meeting with invocation after being introduced by President Cookie Veltri, followed by members reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and singing “God Bless America.”

Vice President Rosemary Gaynor introduced “The Music Man” with Jack Grimm and David Hunt as the evening’s entertainment.

A Minnie Pearl impersonator will be May’s entertainment.

Secretary Pat Delekta and Treasurer Frank Fazio’s reports were given and approved. Veltri thanked the Auditing Committee, which included Jean Ray, Angie Mazur and Mary Ann DiFonzo, for their work.

Membership Chair Nancy Smurda introduced guest Victor Greco. Reservation Chair Vivian Weigel reported 101 members were in attendance.

Sunshine Chair Winnie Kemp sent get-well cards to Santo and Mary Gubetti, David See, Joan Pohlman, Larry Purks, Irene Troia, Kathryn Hardsouk and Marian Lammers and a sympathy card to the Roy Posey family. Jim Hare, Guy Ceraolo, Cookie Veltri, Harold Elliott, Marge Serafini, Marilyn Ridgway, Brenda Edwards and Lee Edwards celebrated April birthdays.

Members thanked Kathryn Hardsouk and Joan Villa for decorations.

Regina Truax announced the following club trips:

June 7, Sugar Creek;

June 12, Viva Las Vegas; and

June 16-22, Mackinac Island.

For information, contact Truax at (304) 723-0419.

Hospitality Chair Jim Hare presented gifts to Jack Cummings, Barbara Purks, Brenda Edwards, Boyd Barker and Connie Gilbert. Betty Virtue gave Undo’s dinners to Betty Virtue, Rosemary Gaynor and Virginia Kucan. Jack Cummings awarded the 50/25/25 drawing to Joan Village and Brenda Edwards.

Tony LaRosa gave the benediction, and Cookie Veltri adjourned the meeting.