Avella library teaches about fossils, dinosaurs

AVELLA – As flooding hit neighboring communities, the Avella Library hosted more than 50 children for the first day of their summer reading program.

This year’s theme is “Digging into Reading,” and will cover all things underground such as fossils, root vegetables, rocks and gems and burrowing animals.

The children will also have a chance to explore Avella’s coal mining history.

Library Director Melissa Ansell welcomed children as they entered and registered.

Separated into three age groups, the first week’s activities took children on an exploration of fossils and dinosaurs.

Some of the younger children spent the morning in the gym, coloring pictures of dinosaurs and tearing apart a three-layer bread fossil, discovering such things as rocks, grass and a “dinosaur” inside.

The older children created “amber” with bugs and stones locked inside.

As snack time came, children ate jello with a surprise gummy dinosaur inside. The event ended with a dinosaur egg hunt in the grass outside the library.

This week’s event covers root vegetables and children will have the opportunity to taste some vegetables.