Family reunions


The McKnights celebrated their 69th reunion on July 21 at the Toronto Shelterhouse to unite descendants of Woodburn and Sara McKnight. Family members traveled from Cleveland, Florida and San Diego to attend, while many came from nearby cities.

Shirley Riggleman said the blessing before lunch. After lunch, Linda Clifton, vice president, presided at the meeting where Lindsay Clifton, treasurer, gave a report. Family members discussed a possible website used to save photos and historical information. The treasurer also addressed preserving a copy of the family record book. Wilma Walker was elected to store this additional copy.

The newest member of the family was Ronnie James Manning, born July 18 to Doug and Kim Manning.

Games and a 50/50 drawing were held after the meeting. Janet Garrett Miller won the 50/50 prize, and Riggleman won the McKnight trivia game.


The Norris-McIntire Reunion was held at Aracoma Park in Mingo Junction with 85 in attendance. Charlie Paulman said grace before the covered-dish dinner.

The John Harris family had the most family members present, Samantha McDonough traveled the farthest, and the award for being the youngest went to Blake Worwa.

Prizes were awarded to all children. Sue Crawford won the 50/50 drawing and donated the money back to the reunion fund. A white elephant sale was held. Charlie and Roseanna Paulman won the mystery box.

Kevin Grimes, Ed Wittmer and Chuck Clifton won the annual Carl Grimes Memorial Golf Tournament. Next year’s host will be the James Norris Family from California.

Family reunions


The Zrinyi family picnic was held July 7 at Austin Lake in celebration of their 60th reunion.

There were 17 in attendance with representation from four generations of Ethel and Michael Zrinyi Sr. Attendees came from Ohio and West Virginia. The picnic has been held each year since July 1, 1953, in honor of Ethel Zrinyi’s birthday.

Swimming, games and photo albums were part of the festivities.

The oldest person attending was Victor Zrinyi Sr., 89, and the youngest was Domanic Zrinyi at 4.

The 2014 reunion will be held July 6 at Austin Lake.


The descendants of George and Peggy Jackson held their 28th family reunion recently at Mingo’s Aracoma Park. There were 15 families represented.

Shirley Westfall of Phoenix, Ariz., took honors as the oldest in attendance at 78 and as the one who had traveled the farthest. Willa Greathouse, 5 months old, was the youngest.

Jack and Linda Jackson served as hosts of the reunion. Dorothy Dapudja will serve as host of the 2014 reunion.