Local attends science camp

RIPLEY – Jason Sprinkle Jr., a Weir High School student, was one of 48 representatives to the nine-day West Virginia Youth Science Camp at Cedar Lakes Conference Center.

The camp intergrates scientific programming with music, art and the outdoors.

Each year, scientists from various disciplines travel to the camp to present lectures and lead directed studies. This year’s lecture topics included gene expression, surgical advances, forensic science, fuel cells and marine archeology. In addition, directed studies provided extensive hands-on experiences in specific fields. Delegates had opportunities to build rockets, engineer heat shields, learn the science of music and the science of baseball, analyze water quality and design bridges.

In addition to learning about groundbreaking scientific research, delegates explored their natural surroundings through an outdoor program consisting of hiking and mountain biking.

The delegates chose from seminars ranging from ultimate frisbee and ballroom dancing to plant taxonomy, chemical reactions and designing thermal heat shields.

“I will never forget the advice and activities,” said Sprinkle. “My college choices have changed, and I have a back-up plan now.”

The West Virginia Youth Science Camp is operated by the National Youth Science Foundation. For information, visit www.nysf.com.