Upper Ohio Valley Camera Club announces winners

WINTERSVILLE, Ohio – The Upper Ohio Valley Camera Club has named the winners of the July competition in prints and slides.

The print winners for the topic of the month “Bubbles” were Barb Momyer, first place; Lisa Carte, second place; and Ernest D’Andrea, third place. In the open category, the winners included Carte, first place; Chris Horvath, second place; and D’Andrea, third place. The special effects winners were Debra Snider, first place; Connie Koniski, second place; and Stephen Mihopulos, third place. The winners’ pictures can be found on Facebook at the Upper Ohio Valley Camera Club page.

The slide winners for the topic “Bubbles” were Dave Rees, first place and Claudia Norris second place. The open category winners included Rees, first place; Steve Whiting, second place; and Norris, third place. The special effects winners were Norris, first place; Rees, second place; and Whiting, third place.

The July competition concludes the 10-month competition season which began October 2012. The number of points accumulated will be tallied for each member and the top three in prints and slides will be named the “Photographers of the Year” at the annual fall banquet.

The July workshop meeting was a presentation on mat cutting by Sam Rees and Steve Whiting. Rees gave a demonstration, using special tools to cut a straight edge, beveled edge and make an oval shape. He showed club members how to calculate measurements for the opening size. Rees showed the club “Basic Mat Cutting” by Vivian Kistler.

Whiting demonstrated mat cutting using a T-square metal ruler, rotary cutting mat board and bladed tools. Whiting placed self-healing, heavy rubber cutting surface under the mat board. Cutting surfaces come in different sizes and can be used repeatedly without leaving blade grooves in the material.

Diane Bannister displayed matted pictures, including octagonal, curved edges, domed and fancy shapes used to enhance pictures. The shapes are available at frame shops that use a computerized system to cut mats.

The annual camera club picnic was held July 21 at the home of Lisa and Troy Carte in Steubenville.

On Aug. 6, club members met at Faith Ranch in Jewett, Ohio, for the second time. Angela McClain arranged the outing for the club. Members photographed horses, peacocks, farm animals, sunsets and the night sky. Members also held a hot dog roast.

For information about the club, contact President Steve Whiting at (740) 546-4497.