Church Women United meet

COLLIERS – President Karen Tate presided over the Weirton Church Women United Executive Board meeting Sept. 6 at Colliers United Methodist Church.

Thirty-five members attended, representing 16 churches. Nancy Sanders, Julie Roccio, Skip Barkley and Hope Daughtery were hostesses and decorated with a fall theme. The Rev. Ron Stilgenbauer welcomed the guest and gave the blessing.

Tate opened the meeting with a reading, “The Lightning Bug.” Donna Durkin gave the devotion, “The Mouse Trap,” Matthew 25:40 and John 13:35. Gayla Salatino read “A Loving and Healing God” from the Fellowship of the Least Coin.

Treasurer Joann Morrison submitted her report, noting all member churches are to pay a $20 fee in 2014.

Secretary Carol Village called roll and gave a report.

Eldora Conner spoke about the organization’s Voice magazine. Corresponding Secretary Helen Jeter shared an appreciation certificate from UNICEF and a thank-you card from Penny Mourat. Sunshine Chair Maggie Clark sent eight cards.

Hospitality Chair Eleanor Cline thanked the host church and announced the Oct. 4 meeting will be held at St. Peter’s AME Church, located on County Road. The following meeting will be held Nov. 1 at the Weirton Memorial Baptist Church located at 121 Ivy St.

The group’s November project is collecting snack food for the Dunbar Recreation Center.

Lynn Bish reported the summer luncheons were well attended.

Cathy Cooper will chair the group’s 63rd annual Trick or Treat for UNICEF campaign. The campaign dates will be announced at the October meeting.

Choir Director Mary Ellen Groves stated the group is in need of a pianist.

Dee Campbell, Eloise Evans and Penny Mourat thanked those who sent them cards.

Valiant Woman Chair Helen Tate asked members to submit their candidates. Rebecca Turner and Isobel Bell also are committee members.

Nominated Chair Carol Kennedy noted there will be no election this year.

The 2013 theme song is “May God’s Blessing Surround You.”

Tate and Cline closed the meeting with prayer.