Breast Cancer Awareness Lunch Boxes promotion on Fridays at Riesbeck’s

Patrons of area Riesbeck’s food markets can satisfy their lunch appetite on Fridays and help in the fight against breast cancer at the same time.

“Breast Cancer Awareness Lunch Boxes” are available on Fridays in October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and also on Nov. 1 at Riesbeck’s locations, according to Anthony Chlon, area general manager.

Local proceeds will go to breast cancer research and the Women In Action Against Cancer Coalition of Jefferson County.

Store patrons can get a sandwich or salad lunchbox for $4.99, and a portion of the proceeds will go toward breast cancer research and local cancer support.

Orders can be placed at the Wintersville store by calling (740) 264-4242 or sending a Fax to (740) 264-4246. Walk-ins are welcome.

The lunchboxes are available at the Riesbeck in Toronto, too. For information, call (740) 537-4300.

The sandwich lunch will consist of: two pink dinner roll sandwiches that will be either made of Delallo Virginia ham and Delallo baby swiss cheese; Delallo gold classic turkey and Delallo mini provolone cheese; or Delallo buffalo chicken breast and Delallo mini colby cheese; a bag of Utz potato chips; two pink iced butter cookies; a bottle of water; and 4 ounces of potato or macaroni salad.

The salad lunch box offers a mini tossed salad with choice of ranch or Italian dressing, an apple, two pink iced butter cookies, a bottle of water and potato or macaroni salad.

Another way for Riesbeck’s patrons to contribute is to obtain $1, $3 and $5 coupon donations at the service desk with the selected amount to be added to their grocery bill at the checkout stations.

“To me, it just really makes me proud to know that I work for a company that has such a strong belief to promote a cause like this and to do the right thing to help so many people out. Most of us do get touched by family members that had this diagnosis or ourselves, and it’s great to know this company really does support this cause and does a wonderful job with it,” Chlon said.