Dressel speaks at DAR meeting

STEUBENVILLE, Ohio – The Fort Steuben Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution met Oct. 12 at the Steubenville Best Western Inn.

Regent Nancy Valles called the meeting to order. Mary Wood led the Pledge of Allegiance, Second Vice Regent Denese White led The American’s Creed and Wadeanne Nardo led the National Anthem and gave the invocation and blessing.

Following lunch, First Vice Regent Karen Blanc introduced Scott Dressel, who spoke about rehabilitating the Grand Theater on Fourth Street. He invited members to come to the theater following the meeting and view the renovated lobby.

During the business session, Vickie Joseph read the minutes and Beverly Livingston gave the treasurer’s report. Dues must be paid by Nov. 1.

Guests Jan Speare and Sue Haseltine were introduced. Speare is a DAR member from Memphis, Tenn. Prospective members Tammy Kotyk and Nicole Balakos also were introduced.

Danice Ryan introduced the two newest members, Mary Ann Jesse, whose DAR Patriot is Martin Gamble, and Jeanne Vega, whose Patriot is George Utz. Chaplain Wadeanne Nardo gave the Oath of Membership and led members in prayer.

Conservation Chair Susan Guy announced the chapter was invited to take part in the Veterans Day celebration at Friendship Park and the Steubenville Christmas Parade Dec. 7. Denese White, Sandy Briggs, Danice Ryan, Theresa Heiss and Nancy Valles volunteered to help. Guy also suggested the chapter plant flowers beside the DAR Sundial in Union Cemetery in the spring. The National Conservation Chair encouraged chapters to participate in a national, state and local park annual contest. Participating chapters are encouraged to keep a journal and send it to the national chair by March 15.

Celebrate America Chair Karen Blanc told members they should think back to Jan 1 to remember any community service they have done and turn hours in to her to be added up and reported on the Master Questionnaire at the end of the year.

Waldschmidt Quilt Chair Carol Skerbetz passed around the pictures of the quilt to be awarded at the State Conference in March. Tickets are $1 for one and $5 for six tickets.

Mary Wood gave a report on the Continental Congress. It was her first time attending.

Vickie Joseph gave the Women’s Issues Report on finding socially responsible investment opportunities.

The chapter secretary resigned the office and the Nominating Committee nominated Diane Bowers to fill the office for the remainder of this year.

American Spirit Magazine Chair Becky Hersko announced she will send in magazine subscriptions for anyone interested. The cost is $18.

Beverly Livingston noted more than 5,000 wreaths were placed in the Cemetery of the Alleghenies this year. The chapter donates to help with this each year.

Chapter members thanked Denese White and the Calling Committee for contacting members about meetings.Susan Brown and Karen Blanc were greeters.

Nardo gave the blessing. The next meeting will be held Nov. 9 at the University Boulevard Best Western.