Humane society continues campaign to spay, neuter

Promoting and helping the public to spay or neuter their pets is a campaign the Jefferson County Humane Society has been maintaining for many years, according to its members.

At a recent clinic, the JCHS helped to spay or neuter 100 animals.

“There were 40 dogs that would have an average litter of six and 60 cats that would have an average litter of five equals approximately 540 more animals, most of which would not have homes. Of course, that number increases if they would have more than one litter,” said Lisa Goodrich, JCHS member.

“Most people have seen the pet overpopulation pyramid where two produce more and then their offspring produce more and their offspring produce more and more and more,” Goodrich said.

“JCHS has been sponsoring the low-cost spay/neuter mobile unit called RASCAL since 2006 for owned animals. About a year ago, through public and business donations, JCHS was able to equip the medical room at the county animal shelter to spay or neuter the homeless animals,” she said.

Three veterinarians who participated in the clinic involving 100 procedures were Dr. Michelle Gonzalez, Dr. Amanda DellaPenna and Dr. Kim Carter.