Library announces philosophy lectures

WHEELING – The Ohio County Public Library’s People’s University program will continue in November with a series on World Philosophy.

All classes will meet on Tuesday evenings beginning at 7:00 pm.

The six-part series will cover ancient Greek and Roman philosophy, ancient Asian, Christian, Enlightenment, Romantic and Contemporary philosophies.

Instructors include Darin S. McGinnis, Wheeling Jesuit University philosophy assistant professor, and Andy Staron, Wheeling Jesuit theology and religious studies assistant professor. A third instructor will be announced.

Classes include: Nov. 5 What is Philosophy?; Nov. 12, Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy; Nov. 19, Ancient Asian Philosophy; Nov. 26, Christian Philosophy; Dec. 3, Enlightenment and Romantic Philosophy; and Dec. 17, Contemporary Philosophy.

The People’s University is a free program for adults who wish to continue their education in the liberal arts.

It features courses – taught by experts in each subject – that enable patrons to pursue their goal of lifelong learning in classic subjects.

All People’s University classes are free and open to the public.

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