McHendry Class celebrates 91 years

WEIRTON – The Cove Presbyterian Church’s Myrtle McHendry Class celebrated their 91st anniversary Oct. 1 in the church’s fellowship hall.

Vice President Bonnie Nichols welcomed all members and guests Debbie and Maggie Rudiger, Terri Cline, Molly Mossor and Sharon Neeley.

Esten Jezerski led devotions with the theme “friendship.”

Nichols introduced introduced Weirton Woman’s Club Drama Department members. They presented the program “Music! Music! Music!.” Minnie Pazich, Mary Rose Orrechio, Susan Slowikowski, Enid Williams, Diana Durst, Mossor, Neeley and Nichols participated in the program.

George Melhorn accompanied them on piano.

Nichols presided over the business meeting. Jenny Van Gilder and Jezerski gave reports. Penny Mourat suggested the group fill 12 Christmas stockings to be distributed to local children through the Salvation Army.

Several members volunteer to be part of the project.

Flowers will be placed in the sanctuary in memory of deceased class members and founder Myrtle McHendry.

Sunday school teacher Eleanor Cline encouraged everyone to come to Sunday school. The Book of Genesis is being studied.

Eleanor Cline, Marcia Shane, Audry Vincent and Sue Willson were hostesses.

Members sang “Happy Birthday” to Rosalie Coxen, Darlene Johnson and Sue Willson.

The next meeting will be held at 12:30 p.m. Nov. 5. Eleanor Cline will present the program, “Cove’s Stained Glass Windows,” which will examine the window’s history in the church.

Nichols closed the meeting by reading the poem, “the Miracle of Friendship.”