Three Score Seniors meet

WEIRTON – Three Score Seniors President Cookie Veltri opened the September meeting and called on Tony LaRosa to give the invocation.

Vice President Rosemary Gaynor introduced the evening entertainment, Magician Nick Gallias, who was assisted by club members Irene Roach, Kathy McCarrick and Chris Barker. October’s entertainment will be a game session.

Secretary Pat Delekta and Treasurer Joan Villa gave reports, which were approved by the membership.

Tour Chair Regina Truax announced the following trips:

Friday, Hartville Market Place Festival; and

Nov. 13-15, Greenbrier Resort.

Trips for 2014 are being scheduled. For information, call Truax at (304) 723-0419.

Membership Chair Nancy Smurda introduced new member Carl Cross. Those interested in becoming a member of the senior group can call Smurda at (304) 748-4624. Dues should be remitted in October.

Sunshine Chair Winnie Kemp sent get-well cards to Ed Roach, Jeanette Wetzel, Jackie Zaslocke, Joan Pohlman, Kathy McCarrick, Joan Gallagher, Helen Rohal, Mary Lou Mirasola, Joe Pulice and Dorothy Pavelka. Sympathy cards were sent to Pat Delekta and Santo and Mary Gubetti. Kemp read thank-you cards from Pat Delekta and the Gubettis. Members recognized the September birthdays of Irene Roach and Barbara Pete and Lee and Barbara Libengood’s anniversary.

Hospitality Chair Kathy McCarrick decorated, carrying out the theme of supporting favorite teams.

Reservation Chair Vivian Weigel reported 92 members were in attendance and introduced Gloria Jean Suchko, the guest of Barbara Pete.

Historian Brenda Edwards passed around Three Score albums dating from 1975-1981 for the group to view.

Nominating committee will continue to call for a new slate of officers. Members are asked to consider filling a position if contacted for the 2014 year.

Hospitality Chair Jim Hare gave prizes to Ray Fox, Brenda Edwards, Regina Truax, Winnie Kemp and Pauline Korzi. Betty Virtue gave dinners donated by Undo’s to Mary Ann Tassey and Viola Blanc. Alma Wansack and Ann Yuhas won the 50/25/25 drawing. Bob Deku won the sports basket.

Victor Greco read “7 Cardinal Rules of Life” and displayed a picture of a bus on Marland Heights cira the 1950s.

Tony LaRosa gave the benediction, and the meeting was adjourned.