Museum commission meets

NEW CUMBERLAND – The Hancock County Museum Commission met Nov. 7 at the county museum located on Ridge Avenue.

President Vivian Weigel called the meeting to order and led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Weigel, Treasurer Bob McNeil, Secretary Doris Cameron, Greg Blake and Shirley Weinberg were in attendance. Despite a lack of a quorum, the group decided pending business was critical and they would proceed with the meeting, polling absent members for their votes.

The previous meeting minutes were accepted and the treasurer’s report filed for audit.

Blake reported work on the garage began Saturday, the basement project will begin in two to three weeks and the front porch light socket needs to be replaced. Three glass display cases needed to be purchased, and members will be polled on their purchase.

McNeil received three bids to install a new furnace boiler. Members will be polled on accepting the best bid.

If the motion carries, work will begin in two to three weeks.

Blake received a bid to repair and install screen doors. Members will be polled on accepting the bid.

McNeil reported the museum received a Northern Panhandle Resources grant to repair wallpaper and pocket doors. The group also submitted an application to install carpeting on the stairs and in the upstairs hallway and repair the banister. Applications also have been made for a matching ORBI marketing grant and Hancock Charitable Foundation program grant. Members were asked to keep a log of their volunteer hours at the museum, as it is a frequent grant application requirement.

Weigel reported Lois Carpini is laundering items and asked for donations of 100 percent cotton sheets for storage.

Cameron presented an updated registration manual for adoption at the next meeting.

When members accept donations approved by the Collections Committee, gift and loan receipts are available online.

Jesse Weigel will design the museum website, and Andrew McNeil will assist in writing grants.

The Ladies Aide Christmas party will be held at 6:30 p.m. Dec. 11 at the museum.

Court-Appointed Special Advocates may hold an event at the museum in February.

The museum will hold an open house, featuring Victorian-style carolers, Dec. 14 in conjunction with the New Cumberland Christmas parade.

Members agreed to submit monthly meeting minutes for publication to keep the community aware of the museum’s activities.

Weigel will speak to the commissioners about the furnace boiler repair, parade open house, screen doors and display case purchases, because the matters need to be addressed promptly.

The meeting was adjourned.