Remembering Father Stabene at ‘Festa del Vino’ Nov. 15

The Stabene Society has announced the third memorial anniversary of the death of the Rev. Edmundo Stabene, who died on Oct. 18, 2010, will be observed differently this year.

“The overarching reason and singular purpose the Stabene Society was created,” said Dominic Potts, founder, “was to remember Father annually on the day of his passing, as we have done during the past two years.

“This year, however,” said Potts, “instead of remembering father on Oct. 18, we will remember father on Nov. 15, less than a month later, in conjunction with Festa del Vino, the exuberant and enjoyable event of the Italian American Cultural Club.

“The Festa is conducted annually at St. Florian Hall to raise funds for scholarships named in Father Stabene’s honor. Father was a stout believer and vocal advocate of education. He would be pleased to be remembered during a fundraiser for ‘Stabene scholarships,'” Potts said. “It therefore makes eminently good sense for Stabene Society members to support Festa del Vino, which serves a common purpose, remembering and honoring Father Stabene during the same occasion,” Potts said.

Last year, 102 participants crowded into Scaffidi’s Restaurant to honor Stabene in a memorial dinner at which they shared reminiscences of him. “This year,” Potts said, “we expect an even larger participation by those who want to memorialize Father Stabene and pay tribute to his inspiring spiritual service to others and the teaching, guidance and comfort he provided so many over more than six decades.

“Father Stabene, ‘a priest of the people,’ as he referred to himself, and ‘a peerless spiritual mentor,’ as his countless admirers, followers and parishioners remember him, died at the age of 92, after devoting 65 years to the priesthood. Father Stabene selflessly dedicated his life to others for longer than the lives of many of us, and he always did so perseveringly, indefatigably and unselfishly, assisting any and all who needed his solace, regardless of their religious affiliation, unhesitatingly present at any time, any day of the week, any hour of the day or night,” Potts said.

“The Stabene Society members view father as a spiritual icon we all would do well to emulate. The society accordingly urges its members, their families, friends and associates to attend and support Festa del Vino to honor father,” Potts said.