Garden Department meets

WEIRTON – The Garden Department, a Weirton Woman’s Club department, met in November at Undo’s of the Holiday Inn with Chair Sharon Neeley presiding.

Neeley welcomed members and introduced Jane Watson as a new member to the department. She also commented on the date of the meeting being Nov. 11, 2013 – 11-12-13.

Teresa McGown led the inspiration, reading from Mark 4:39 and “Winter Artistry” by Charles Clevenger and “Locked Car Door.” McGown led the group in prayer and led them in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. She asked those in attendance to pray for the Philippines.

Secretary Diana Durst read the minutes and Treasurer Jeanne Amidon gave a report. Courtesy Chair Dawn Neeley reported 13 members were in attendance. June Pulice, Teresa McGown and Gay Blake also gave reports.

Scholarship Chair Helen Brancazio noted the department would continue to support Dru Aftanas with a $250 scholarship.

Program Chair Lea Shirer announced the December Garden Department meeting would be the Make or Bake Exchange.

Club First Vice President Jeanne Amidon, Art Department Chair Enid Williams and Literary Department Chair Diana Durst announced their upcoming meetings.

Members had the opportunity to order Uncle Al’s Pecans, a club fundraiser and the Holiday Tour was discussed.

Neeley announced the Garden Department would be responsible for the favors for the Weirton Woman’s Club December Christmas meeting. Planters and trees on Main Street were discussed as a future project.

The program was Fall or Thanksgiving Centerpieces. Members brought in centerpieces that were refurbished. Some of the ideas for perking or sprucing up centerpieces were to use a fall wreath on the table with a candle or pumpkin placed in the center; using fall picks to fill a basket, no arranging necessary or use ribbons or a mesh ribbon to add to a wreath or centerpiece.

Neeley closed the meeting by reading a poem by Ralph Waldo Emerson.