Museum commission meets

NEW CUMBERLAND – The Hancock County Museum Commission met Dec. 5 at the museum located at 1008 Ridge Ave.

President Vivian Weigel called the meeting to order and led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Treasurer Bob McNeil, Secretary Doris Cameron, Greg Blake, John Brenneman, Janet Keller, Lois Carpini, Shirely Weinberg, Alice Mitchell and Joe Ghenne.

Brenneman, seconded by Carpini, made a motion to accept the minutes of the previous meeting, which carried. McNeil submitted the financial statement, which was filed for audit.

Building and Grounds Chair Blake reported the front porch light was repaired and basement repair work was scheduled to meet. He recommended the upstairs railing be repaired, new windows be installed in the garage, a sink be purchased from the downstairs bathroom, a room be painted and a tree be cut down. McNeil made a motion, seconded by Carpini, to accept the committee’s recommendations, which carried.

Preservation and Display Chair Carpini showed those attending padded hanger and garment bags she made from discarded cotton sheets. She asked members to bring in cotton sheets and wooden or plastic hangers.

Collections, Donations and Registry Chair Cameron distributed the first draft of the museum’s registration manual and collection policy. She added inventory tagging will begin in January. Blake, seconded by McNeil, made a motion to accept the policy as submitted, which carried.

Grants Chair McNeil reported he is working on several grants and asked members to keep accurate service hours, which are necessary for grants. He also asked board members to send him a brief biography.

Ghenne made a motion, seconded by Blake, to arrange for an audit of the museum’s financial records, which carried. The committee working on carpeting and wallpaper reported on the progress. Investigation of the refinishing of the stairs is ongoing, as well as seeking prices for hanging paper.

The museum received a bill from Jesse Weigel for six hours to design the museum website.

McNeil recommended the museum commission purchase a security system to protect the museum from break-ins and fires. Keller made a motion, seconded by Brenneman, to purchase this system, which carried. Brenneman suggested the museum commission add a carriage house to extend the display area to include larger pieces and displayed possible building types. Keller made a motion, seconded by McNeil, that Brenneman be authorized to pursue feasibility and funding sources, which carried. The museum commission will meet at 6 p.m. March 6 at the museum.