Three Score names officers

WEIRTON – Three Score Seniors President Cookie Veltri opened the December meeting by giving the invocation and leading members in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and singing “God Bless America.”

Sunshine Chair Winnie Kemp announced the December birthdays, including Barbara Libengood, Tilly Kolosky, Joyce McColloch, Joe Veltri and Honey Moore.

Regina Truax announced upcoming trips.

They include:

March 29, doo-wop concert at the Capitol Theatre, Wheeling;

May 12-15, Atlantic City; and

May 9-10 Sight and Sound Theatre, Lancaster, Pa.

For information, call Truax at (304) 723-0419.

With a motion by Victor Greco, seconded by Marlene Hare, the business meeting was dispensed.

The Rev. Bill and Becky Stout were introduced as guests. Bill Stout led the induction of officers for 2014.

Officers include President Marlene Hare, Vice President Brenda Edwards, Secretary Barbara Purks and Treasurer Ida Haynes. 2013 President Veltri presented the gavel to Marlene Hare.

Veltri thanked all the committees for their hard work this past year and the callers for their dedication to getting reservations to Chair Vivian Weigel.

Jim Hare, Marlene Hare, Betty Virtue, Jack Cummings and Sonny Marino distributed gifts.

With no January meeting, Veltri closed the meeting by wishing the members a happy holiday season and giving the benediction.