Club eyes dried arrangements

WEIRTON – The Weirton Woman’s Club Garden Department met recently at Undo’s of Holiday Inn – Weirton.

Chair Sharon Neeley called the meeting to order and thanked hostesses Teresa McGown and Barb Visnic for the decorations. Neeley welcomed new member Maralyn Ridgway to the meeting and to the club.

Enid Williams led the inspiration by reading “Age is a Funny Thing” and “Heart Sunshine Patch,” then led the members in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

Molly Mossor presented a program on drying flowers. Mossor displayed a few dried flower arrangements and explained the different processes of drying flowers. She had a quiz, and the winners were Enid Williams and Sandy Robbins.

Secretary Diana Durst read the minutes and Treasurer Jeanne Amidon gave her report.

There were 13 members and a guest in attendance. Alma Wansack will do the March inspiration and June Pulice and Helen Brancazio will be hostesses.

Membership Chair June Pulice announced Maralyn Ridgway and Susan Dumbovich are new department members.

Program Chair Lea Shirer announced the noon March 11 program will be plant exchange and share.

A Nominating Committee was elected to provide a slate of new officers for the 2014-2016 administration. The committee includes June Pulice, Molly Mossor and Teresa McGown. The election for the new offices will be held at the April meeting. Chair Neeley thanked the previous Nominating Committee, including Sue Ann Barrett, Barb Visnic and Carol Village.

The Calendar Luncheon will be held April 5 at Undo’s. There will be 12 tables representing each month of the year and four tables representing the seasons. Each table will seat eight to 10 people. The table hostesses were assigned. Tickets will be $20 each. Grace Lenhart and Alma Wansack will take tickets at the door. The entertainment will be Roz and Lynn, a mother-daughter group. Tickets may be purchased from any of the Garden Department members or from Sharon Neeley at (304) 797-1945 or Diana Durst at (304) 723-4469.

Club First Vice Chair Jeanne Amidon, Art Department Chair Enid Williams, and Literary Department Chair Diana Durst announced their upcoming meetings.

Neeley ended the meeting by quoting Anne Bradstreet, “if we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant” and J.R. Stockton, “February is merely as long as is needed to pass the time until March.”

The Weirton Woman’s Club is a General Federation of Women’s Clubs of West Virginia member organization.