Auxiliary board plans dinner

WEIRTON – The Weirton Medical Center Auxiliary Board met April 15 in the Starvaggi Board Room, with President Sondra Weigel conducting the business meeting.

Members in attendance recited the Auxiliary Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance. Recording Secretary Elda Weekley read the March meeting minutes; Corresponding Secretary Mary Lou Batcho reported on get-well and thank-you cards sent out; and Treasurer Paula Billick gave the financial report.

Administrative Liaison Barbara Coalter discussed projects underway and pending ones.

The following service reports were given: Barbara Visnic, gift cart; Barbara Cameron, information/surgical desk; Jennie Fetty, reporting for Peg Barber, mail; Paula Billick, payroll deductions; Elda Weekley, publicity; and Beth DiGregorio, surgical desk escorts.

Special reports were given by: Elda Weekley for Flo Jonczak, birth certificates; Grace Lenhart, historian; Lenhart reported for Alma Wansack, Remembrance Fund.

Sondra Weigel gave the record of hours. The top 10 members volunteering most hours for the fourth quarter were Sondra Weigel, 215.5; Paula Billick, 170.5; Patrick Gurrera, 152; Augie DiGirolamo, 133; Vivian Weigel, 120; Sue Ball, 116; Elda Weekley, 114.5; Mary Lou Batcho, 108; Diana Bond, 106.5; and Barbara Visnic, 89.5. Total hours volunteered during the fourth quarter were 2,918. The top three volunteens volunteering the most hours for the fourth quarter were Emily Thermes, 64; Emily Burda, 47; and Kayla Bryant, 42. Total hours volunteens volunteered during the fourth quarter were 377.5.

The annual awards dinner will be held July 15 in the medical center’s cafeteria.

President Sondra Weigel, Vice President Jeannie Duffy, Recording Secretary Elda Weekley and Hospitality Chair Joan Hawrot will attend the spring workshop at the Stonewall Jackson Resort May 12-14.

Dates to remember include:

April 29-30, Masquerade $5 jewelry sale;

June 4-5, uniform and shoe sale;

July 10-11, Love That Glass Jewelry;

Aug. 6-7, uniform sale;

Sept. 10-11, Masquerade $5 jewelry sale; and

Oct. 30-31 Books are Fun.