Teams going to state bowl

WESTON – Weir Middle School and St. Joseph the Worker School each entered a team into the West Virginia History Bowl play-in tournament.

Melanie Donofe coached the Weir Middle team and Recheal Fuscardo coached the St. Joseph team. The Weir Middle team included Ben Fedoush, Madison Marshall, Hannah Minger and Brendan Zevios. The St. Joseph team included Joey Garan, Mark Licata, Michael Plesa and Zak Tokash.

All eighth-graders in the state all take West Virginia history, and earlier in the school year, several local schools participated in the Region VI tournament held in Wheeling, and the top two teams, both of which were from Cameron Middle School, advanced to the state tournament. St. Joseph came in third and Weir Middle came in fifth.

As with the earlier regional tournament, the play-in tournament included a double elimination bracket and the competition consisted of two rounds of questions. Both teams won all their morning matches.

“Both teams were ready and continued to practice between matches and won their matches through lunch time,” said Donofe.

Weir lost to Ravenswood in the seventh round and went into the consolation bracket, while St. Joseph lost to Taylor in the ninth round.

“Both Weir and St. Joe’s were still alive,” said Donofe.

Weir won the first consolation match against Bellington, moving into the ninth round, before losing to Duvall in double overtime, placing eighth overall in the tournament. All teams reaching the ninth round qualified for the state tournament.

St. Joseph continued to win their matches into the 11th round, where they lost to Summerville, placing fourth overall in the tournament.

Both teams will be competing in the state tournament April 29 at the West Virginia Cultural Center in Charleston. The competition begins at 9 a.m. and will once again be a double elimination tournament.

“Both teams have been practicing during and after school,” said Donofe.

“We’re very proud of both teams. The students are working very hard to not only know the material, but to increase speed in answering more than 2,300 probable questions for the tournament.”

For information on the history bowl, visit the website at html.