Three Score holds meeting

WEIRTON – President Marlene Hare opened the Three Score Seniors meeting and welcomed all to the March meeting.

Tony LaRosa gave invocation followed by members reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and singing “God Bless America.”

Program Chair Brenda Edwards introduced Friends, a contemporary Christian vocal group as entertainment for the evening.

Secretary Barbara Purks read the February meeting minutes. Treasurer Ida Haynes gave the financial report.

Membership Chair Nancy Smurda reported 149 members. Those interested in joining Three Score should contact Nancy Smurda at (304) 748-4624.

Sunshine Chair Winnie Kemp sent get-well cards to Andy DiRemigio, Cookie Veltri, Claire French and Jeannette Meriwether. Members sang “Happy Birthday” to Marlene Hare, Larry Purks and Kathryn Hardsouk and wished Joe and Ilsa Pulice a happy anniversary.

Tour Chair Regina Truax announced upcoming trips. They include:

May 12-15, Atlantic City;

June 22-28, Branson, Miss.; and

July 13, Morgantown, Dames on Sea.

For information, call Regina Truax at (304) 723-0419.

Reservation Chair Vivian Weigel, reported 96 members and five guests were in attendance. Guest included Millie Mercer, guest of Kathy McCarrick; Bob and Jane Watson, guests of Brenda Edwards; Gloria Suchko, guest of Barbara Pete; and Marian Lucas, guest of Diana Crago.

Historian Lee Edwards put out albums from 1990s for members to pass around.

Hospitality Chair Jim Hare gave prizes to Mary Ann Tassey, Reg Dietz, Al Daugherty and Irene Troia. Jack Cummings and Sonny Marino awarded the 50/25/25 drawing to Al Daugherty, who had both winning tickets. Betty Virtue and Pat Delekta awarded the Undo’s dinners to Vivian Weigel and Sonny Marino.

Tony LaRosa gave benediction, and the meeting was adjourned.