Auxiliary accepts donation

WEIRTON – The Tri-State Marine Corps Club Auxiliary met April 14, with President Joan Spano calling the meeting to order and presiding over the business session.

In Chaplain Mary Ann Smith’s absence, Marcy Spano gave devotions, led prayer and read Psalm 84:11-12. She held special prayers for Gertie Hanlin, Linda Elliott, Josi Elliott, Clara Perkins, Scott Dawson, George Tremblay, Jean Hanlin, Danny Lyons, Sean Bee, Jo-Ann Johns, the Cowher and Castildo families, Wayne Kemp, Joan Spano and Mary Ann Elliott.

Vice President Darlene Kemp led members in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and called roll. Secretary Carol Lyons read the March meeting minutes, which were approved as read. Lyons also read a thank-you note from West Virginia Veterans Home in Barboursville for birthday cards sent to the residents; a note from Judy Hucik of Florida; and Lola Tremblay sent funds for the troops.

Joan Spano made a gift box for Lance Cpl. Wells Wendy, stationed in North Carolina, from the Auxiliary.

In Shirley Brecht’s absence, Joan Spano gave the treasurer’s report.

Sunshine Chair Mary Ann Elliott sent get-well cards to Marcy Spano and thinking of you cards to Maxine Ragan and Chris Barker.

Historian Marcy Spano passed out pictures of the Marine Club with Dan Jones, who turned 93 March 8.

Joan Spano sent an Easter card to the auxiliary’s adopted veteran. The auxiliary sent 498 homemade Easter cards to the troops, along with healthy snacks. The cards were made by Joni Hobart, Linda Elliott, Joan Spano and Marcy Spano. Lola Tremblay, Judy Hucik, Barbara Mermon, Madonna High School Interact Club, Renee Howard, the auxiliary and Marine Club made donations of snacks and funds for the troops.

Joan Spano sent Easter cards to Shannon Sweeney, Lance Cpl.Wendy Wells, Mike Copenhaver, Sgt. Derek Creare, Michael Bumgardner, Adam Wiltrout and Brandon Lashhorn. The cards were made by Linda Elliott.

Joan Spano sent 6 birthday cards to the West Virginia Veterans Home in Barboursville. April Birthday wishes were extended to Marianne Cunningham.

Marcy Spano won the 50/50 drawing. Joan Spano passed out lip balm to auxiliary members.

Memorial Day is May 26, and Leroy Bee will place the wreath for the auxiliary at Weirton Heights Memorial Park.

Marcy Spano served refreshments, and Joan Spano will serve in May.

The next meeting will be 6:30 p.m. May 12 at the Serbian American Cultural Center.