Burgettstown Men’s Fastpitch League games set for Friday

BURGETTSTOWN – In Tuesday action from the Burgettstown Men’s Fastpitch League, Maxwell’s beat Kovach Drywall 12-2.

John Midler got the win and Zach Schilinski was tagged with the loss.

In the night cap, Blue Devil Distribution put up a 10 spot in the bottom of the fifth and came away with a 14-7 victory over the Slovenian Club. Anthony Tagliaferra went four-for-four with two singles, a double and triple and three runs batted in. Michael Smith also chipped in with a triple.

The Slovenian Club was led by Tyler Pavan, who had two doubles and a single. Chris Bendick was tagged with the loss in relief of Mike Schaedel. Spud Matalik got the win.

In Friday night action, Maxwell’s Big Bucks made a four-run, second-inning stand-up in a win over Blue Devil Distribution.

Sev Vallina homered for the winners. Big John Schilinski got the win, allowing only three hits with no walks. Spud Matalik was tagged for the loss.

In the second game of the evening, Slovenian Club beat Kovach’s Drywall 4-2. Chris Bendick got the win and Dave “Doc” Walchesky was tagged for the loss.

The standings are: Blue Devil Distribution, 3-1; Slovenian Club, 2-1; Maxwell’s Big Bucks, 2-1; Kovach’s Drywall, 1-3; and T’s Locker Room, 0-2.

The upcoming schedule is:

7 p.m. Friday, Slovenian Club and Kovach’s Drywall;

8:30 p.m. Friday, Maxwell’s and Blue Devil Distribution;

5 p.m. Sunday, T’s Locker Room and Kovach’s;

6:30 p.m. T’s Locker Room and Blue Devil Distribution;

7 p.m. June 17, Blue Devil Distribution and Slovenian Club; and

8:30 p.m. June 17, Kovach’s and Maxwell’s.