Event to benefit youth sports

WASHINGTON – The Washington WildThings baseball team will hold Burgettstown Community Night at 7:05 p.m. July 11 at CONSOL Energy Park located at 1 Washington Federal Way.

The event includes fireworks and on-field activities. Tickets are $10, and 50 percent – $5 – goes back to Burgettstown youth sports.

“The tickets are affordable, just $10, and half of that money returns to our area youth sports programs,” said Mayor Anna Marie Quader. “You can’t beat that. Good times, great neighbors, lots of laughs and knowing you’re helping the kids from our area.”

The money raised thorough the promotion will be split between Lions football and cheerleading, Burgettstown Area Youth Soccer Association and Burgettstown Area Youth Baseball, according to Quader.

“Five dollars from each ticket goes to the Lions, soccer and baseball,” said Quader. “It’s never been offered before, and we really appreciate the WildThings giving us the opportunity.

Quader also will be featured during a video that will be shown during the game, featuring the borough.

“I just talk about our town – just doing a voice over,” she said. “We get to talk about a lot of good things in our town – the library, the football field, the Lions football and cheerleading, the soccer league, the baseball league and the (Burgettstown) Kids Center – all the good things our town has to offer, and our town has a lot of good things to offer.”

Local residents will be offered the opportunity to participate in several on-field events, from performing the national anthem to an honor guard – Quader said local veterans’ groups have been contacted about participating. Local children will be given the opportunity to high-five the WildThings players as they take they field. Last year, local dance schools were given the opportunity to perform on-field as well, said Quader.

“They also invited church choirs to come and sing patriotic songs,” said Quader. “Things like ‘God Bless America.'”

Local residents also will be given the opportunity to participate in T-shirt and hotdog tosses between innings.

“Everything is kid-oriented,” said Quader. “It’s very kid-friendly, and, since the tickets are so affordable, it would be a great night out with the family.”

Local radio stations WDVE-FM and WKST-FM also will be on hand during the event.

Quader said she would be participating in the milk and cookies promoting during the seventh inning stretch.

Last year, she donned a chicken suit and “clucked for a buck,” during an on-field promotion.

“I told them I wasn’t dancing (on the dugout), but she grabbed me and pulled me over there,” said Quader. “Everybody knows the chicken dance – we’ve done it at every wedding we’ve ever been to! But, when you stand in front of 9,000 people in a chicken costume, you just freeze up. I was standing there, and she goes, ‘do the chicken dance!’ and I’m like ‘chicken dance? What’s the chicken dance?'”

This year, Quader will be the team’s official mascot, the WildThing.

Tickets are available for purchase by phone, through the WildThing’s website and through forms available through Quader.

Tickets also will be available at the gate the day of the game, but those attending should specify they want a Burgettstown Community Night ticket.

For information, call (724) 250-9555, visit www.washingtonwildthings.com or visit their social media accounts at @washwildthings (Twitter) and Facebook.com/WashingtonWildThings (Facebook).