Fourth contest winners announced

WELLSBURG – Winners of various contests held during the Wellsburg 4th of July celebration have been announced.

They include the many top finishers in the Wendy’s 5K Run-Walk, which drew more than 130 participants.

The overall winning runners were Antonio Pizzuti, who finished in 17 minutes and 45 seconds; and Kassidy Mayernik, who finished in 23 minutes and 48 seconds.

The overall winning walkers were Gary Bennett, who finished in 23 minutes and 3 seconds; and Marranna Quinn, who finished in 40 minutes and 34 seconds.

Winners also were named for various age groups.

Top male runners were:

19 and under: Hunter Wallace, first; and Anthony Barnhart, second.

Ages 20-24: Nick Provenzano, first; and Jacob Higgins, second.

Ages 30-34: Ryan Smith.

Ages 35-39: Jacob Hudson, first; and Dave Schupbach, second.

Ages 40-44: Michael Rice, first; and Aaron Macom, second.

Ages 45-49: Mitch Radella, first; and Mike Biasi, second.

Ages 50-59: Jeff Felton, first; and Robert Alexander, second.

60 and older: John Davis.

Top male walkers were:

19 and under: Josh Beck.

Ages 20-29: Tyler Revels, first; and Jacob Byers, second.

Ages 30-39: Jeffrey Smith, first; and Scott Swanson, second.

Ages 40-49: Carl Kendrach.

Ages 50-59: Ken Hissam, first; and Edward Kosut, second.

60 and older: George Macek, first; and John Farmer, second.

Top female runners were:

19 and under: Jenna Ricelli, first place; and Kameron Miller, second place.

Ages 20-24: Carly Gima, first place; and Tammi Williams, second place.

Ages 25-29: Nikki Mitchell.

Ages 30-34: Emily Yost, first place; and Annette Javorsky, second place.

Ages 35-39: Carrie Laase, first place; and Janice McGee, second place.

Ages 40-44: Becky Hostuttler, first place; and Renee Stock, second place.

Ages 50-59: Melanie DiCarlo, first place; and Susan Mullenbach, second place.

Top female walkers were:

19 and under: Abby Nickerson,first place; and Emma Martino, second place.

Ages 20-29: Malorie Porter, first place; and Tess Parry, second place.

Ages 30-39: Amanda DiMarzio, first place; and Dina Lahita, second place.

Ages 40-49: Maribeth Krzys, first place; and Michelle Harriman, second place.

Ages 50-59: Lynn Stanley, first place; and Debbie Calmbacher, second place.

60 and older: Suzanne Richmond.

Winners of the horseshoe tournament were: Josh and Jake Higgins, first place; and Joe Haas and Jack Higgins, second place.

Winners of the fishing tournament were: Ty Ohler with the overall biggest fish (23 1/2 inches); Aaron Isinghood, with the overall smallest fish (9 inches); ages 7-11: Syndey Beatty, first place, and Jayden Smith, second place; and ages 12-16: Damian Carpenter, first place, and Josh Richie, second place; ages 17 and older: Earl Gill IV, first place, and Alex Kocheff, second place.

Winners of the All-American Idol singing contest were: 12 and under: Autumn Duckworth; ages 13-20: Kaeleigh Patterson, first place, and Mackenzie Jordan, second place; ages 21-49: Catherine Losey, first place, and Shawn Harshall, second place.

The volunteer Wellsburg 4th of July Committee was co-chaired by Cecil Toner and Steve Lauck.