Camp Horseshoe celebrates 75th

PARSONS – Camp Horseshoe celebrates 75 years of service to West Virginia this Labor Day weekend.

Horseshoe was constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corps for the United States Forest Service in 1938-39. West Virginia Young Men’s Christian Association, now the Youth Leadership Association opened Horseshoe in 1940 and has operated it since.

“Over the years Horseshoe has responded to community and school needs with pioneering residential learning camps, programs to challenge youth on the wrong path to turn their lives to achievement and community capacity building initiatives,” said Horseshoe Director David Cooper. “Horseshoe also impacts youth and communities in other states. A charter bus from Ohio brought YLA’s Ohio Youth Governor and other teenagers to Horseshoe’s annual Leadership Summit. Forty Ohio teenagers participated in our annual Leadership Summit with teens from West Virginia. Teenagers returned home motivated, better prepared and ready to help their schools and communities.”

The camp also hosts the West Virginia Governor’s Youth Opportunity Camps for low-income boys and girls.

“The Labor Day weekend celebration marking Horseshoe’s 75 years of service honors our history and commitments for our future,” Cooper said. “The anniversary celebration welcomes everyone.

For information on Horseshoe, call (304) 478-2481 or