Judge warns of jury email scam

WHEELING – U.S. District Court Judge John Preston Bailey is warning the public about a new federal jury email scam that could lead to identity theft.

According to Bailey, the scam involves a jury phishing email that asks recipients to provide personal identifiers such as social security number, birth date, mother’s maiden name and other information on an attached PDF form that is to be mailed back to the originator.

The email is fraudulent and has no connection to the federal courts or e-Juror, the online registration program used by federal courts.

According to Bailey, federal courts using eJuror never request personal identification information be sent directly in an email response.

Requests by courts to complete a juror qualification would be initiated by formal written correspondence, not an email, Bailey said, and would provide instructions for the juror participant to be authenticated over a secure connection.

Anyone suspecting they have received a fraudulent juror email requesting personal identification information should call the clerk’s office at (304) 637-2144 to report the incident.