Retirees honor memory of school leader

LATE EDUCATOR REMEMBERED — Retired employees of Franklin Primary School presented to the school a painting of the school created by former Franklin art teacher Russ Shaffer in memory of William C. Harvey, a former principal of the school and Brooke County superintendent for 13 years. On hand for the occasion were, from left, Anita Lizza, Alicia Stucin, Shaffer, Donna Finell, Judy Donley, Mary Cay Lyle, Scott Donohew, the school’s principal; Mary Beth, Bill’s wife; Zach, Bill’s son; Will, Zach’s son; Betty Lou Harris and Mary Fran Kowalo. Also contributing but not pictured were: Marty Bartz, Mary Lou Chambers, Martha Hanes, Irene Hilt, Arlene Knight and the late Vonnie Myers. -- Contributed

WELLSBURG — A late former principal of Franklin Primary School and former Brooke County superintendent of schools will be remembered with a painting of the school where his career started.

Several retired staff from the school and members of Harvey’s family gathered at the school on Sept. 28 to present a painting of the school to Principal Scott Donohew in memory of William C. Harvey.

Harvey, who died in 20015, began his career in education at Franklin while student teaching under Betty Lou Harris’s supervision. He later returned to the school to serve as its principal for 12 years. Under his leadership, Franklin became one of just five West Virginia schools to be named a School of Excellence for the 1983-1984 school year.

As superintendent, Harvey was involved with the construction of the Brooke High School Wellness Center, introduction of computers and Internet access in schools, expansion of kindergarten to a full day and addition of local police as prevention resource officers.

Affectionately known as the Franklineers and Franklinettes, the retirees commissioned local artist Russ Shaffer, who had been an art teacher at the school, to produce the painting.

Mary Cay Lyle and other Franklin retirees presented the painting to Principal Scott Donohew. Mary Beth Harvey, his wife of 41 years; son, Zach; and grandson, Will; were on hand for the presentation.